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These Foods Could Be Causing Your Adult Acne

These Foods Could Be Causing Your Adult Acne

Acne was no fun when you were a teenager. And it some ways, it’s even worse now that you’re an adult.

Adult acne is a serious problem, affecting more than 10% of guys over age 25. Back in high school, the stress of acne was all about social morays and being made fun of in class. But when you’re a grown man, having unsightly acne blemishes can be a much bigger problem. Regardless of whether it’s fair or ethical, the truth is that having clear, healthy skin can help you land a job, get a raise, and get a date.

Do you struggle with adult acne? It could be that what you’re eating is part of the problem. Could these foods be at least partially to blame for your skin problems?



Foods high in refined sugars spike your insulin levels, leading to inflammation. That’s bad for your acne, since it suppresses your immune system and leaves bacteria to fester and grow into nasty blemishes.

Cut back on sugar by drinking black coffee instead of a frothy sugar mess, ditching soda for water, and eating fewer simple carbs like white bread and potato chips.



Some guys have bad skin reactions to dairy. If you can’t seem to shake your adult acne, try cutting out dairy for a week or so and see how it goes. It could be that dairy proteins and hormones are making your oil glands go into overdrive. If so, eliminating or reducing dairy products in your diet could be the trick to dealing with acne.


Spicy Foods

If you love that hot, hot flavor, this may come as a disappointment. But some guys notice breakouts after eating spicy food. What’s going on here?

Sweating is part of the body’s reaction to eating something spicy. That leaves your face oily and your pores clogged - especially if your face was dirty before you started sweating.

If you’ve noticed that your breakouts tend to relate to eating something spicy, counteract it by washing your face before and after you eat any spicy foods. Make sure you’re using a natural face wash for men, not a harsh soap with dehydrating detergents.


Fast Food

In a pinch, fast food is a necessary evil. But eat it all the time and your skin will not be happy. That’s not because of the oil - simple, processed carbohydrates are the culprit. They get broken down into sugars in your body, leading to the same inflammation caused when you pig out on sugar and sweets.


Beyond Your Diet

Eating right is just one aspect of your battle against adult acne. Use these tips as well.


Improve your skincare routine.

You need to use the best natural skincare products for men to keep your skin clean and hydrated everyday. Upgrade to a complete daily skincare routine that includes a face scrub for men to exfoliate your skin each week and remove dirt and oil that can clog pores and lead to breakouts. Another great product for eliminating acne is a charcoal face mask for men. You only need to use it about once or twice a week. You’ll definitely notice a difference in your skin tone and appearance after you use a mask to deep clean your pores.


Reduce stress.

Easier said than done. But there are lots of easy ways to reduce stress, even if you can’t quit your job or eliminate all responsibilities. Get regular exercise - even if it’s just a 15 minute walk each day. Do breathing exercises to calm your nerves. It will all help reduce your stress and lessen your risk of breakouts.


Get more sleep.

Burning the midnight oil might be necessary from time to time, but make it a habit and your skin will suffer. Put down the screen, ditch the late night caffeine, and get your beauty rest.

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