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5 Ways to Make Holiday Travel Less Terrible for Your Skin

Airplane flying between buildings

The holidays - that magical time when you form lifelong memories with family and friends, sharing laughter, food, drinks, and fun.

It’s also the time you have to deal with the nightmarish hell-scape of the holiday-rush airport. Or the equally foreboding gridlocked-interstate. And that travel is bad news for your skin.

Holiday travel can be rough. It can be stressful. Don’t let it ruin your skin.


Get Plenty of Sleep

You’re flying across the country tomorrow to visit the family. Or packing the kids in the car for a long road trip up to your parents’ place. Either way, you need to get plenty of sleep the night before. For lots of reasons, including your skin.

Lack of sleep is no way to start a good trip. You’ll wake up with tired, dull skin. And you don’t want to arrive at your family’s place with dark circles, puffy eye bags, and lackluster skin, right?

Didn’t think so. But if there’s just no chance of sleeping well the night before you head out, at least do yourself a favor and use the best anti-aging routine for men before you leave the house. Choose natural products that will boost collagen production, fight cell maturation, and deep hydrate your skin. It will do wonders for your skin - but for your energy level and mood, you might want to reach for a cup of coffee.


Hydrate and Protect

Flying this holiday? Planes are dry, pressurized skin dehydrators. You can board feeling hydrated and clean, only to arrive a dry, pore-clogged mess. Yuck.

You can’t change in-cabin conditions, but you can prepare your skin for the trauma to come. Before your flight, follow a simple daily face care routine for men:


Pack for Success

Whether you’re staying with family, crashing with friends, or lodging at a hotel, you need to pack your own skincare and grooming products for men. Don’t just assume you’ll be fine with whatever you find upon arrival.

Remember, harsh detergents in most soaps, body washes, and shampoos cause skin dehydration. And the holidays tend to be full of photo opportunities. Do you really want dry, irritated, or acne-dotted skin in those pictures? No? In that case, make sure you pack your daily skincare essentials.

You don’t have to check an entire suitcase full of skincare and grooming gear. Just bring along a travel Dopp kit with TSA approved travel sized skincare for men products.


Fight Stress

This can be nearly impossible, depending on your personal approach to the holidays. If spending time with the family gets you stressed out, try these easy ways to calm down. It will be better for your skin - and your family relationships - if you can chill out.

  • Sleep. Staying up all night with the family can be stressful - in more ways than one. Get enough sleep to help wake up feeling relaxed.
  • Stretch. Take a few minutes to stretch out your body and relieve the tension caused by stress.
  • Breathe. A minute or two of deep breathing exercises can do wonders to calm your nerves and help you de-stress.


Party, in Moderation

Holiday food - especially dessert - is hopelessly delicious. Cram your face full of it, and you’re likely to have some skin trouble. That’s because sugar and simple carbohydrates lead to inflammation - and for some people, acne breakouts.

Enjoy the food, drinks, and desserts of the holiday season… in moderation. And drink plenty of water to help your body stay hydrated. You don’t have to totally ditch on the festivities - but some moderation will help your skin survive the season unscathed.

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