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The Best Eye Creams for Men: "It's time to embrace eye cream. They'll reduce dark circles and puffiness easily, and all you have to do is dab a little around your eye in the morning and the evening."

"Unlike most moisturizers, this lotion has no artificial fillers or scent. It quickly disappears into skin to lock in moisture, and it has vitamins A and E, which help prevent the cell damage that ages skin."

"This handmade soap uses olive and tea tree oil to fight grime, ground (and highly fragrant) peppermint leaves to scrub rough skin, and coconut and palm oil to hydrate. Its eucalyptus side is the refreshing kick that will keep you coming back."

"Brickell's Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is packed with powerful, natural ingredients. The charcoal cleanses and purifies the pores while the jojoba and Aloe Vera soothe and hydrate the skin. Finally, the added green tea and essential oils act as a toner, making this a champion all-in-one product."

"Brickell focuses on organic and anti-aging ingredients ...this is your go-to company if you suffer from really sensitive skin. It's your face, after all - time to take care of it."

"Brickell's Restoring Eye Balm absorbs quickly and is packed with skin-brightening agents like vitamin C and glycolic acid.

"The aloe and jojoba in Brickell's Purifying Charcoal Face Wash make this cleanser gentle on cheeks. But it's still capable of busting through caked-on dirt, thanks to the gritty ingredient in its name."

"Brickell Daily Strengthening Shampoo does double duty, thickening individual strands with wheat protein and moisturizing the scalp with tea tree oil and vitamin e."

Our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash makes GQ's list of best charcoal infused products. - GQ, 10.21.16

Men's Journal recommends our Renewing Face Scrub to "grind away dead [skin] cells and uproot ingrown hairs." - Men's Journal, 10.7.16

AskMen reviewed our Beard Oil and noted "it felt smooth, and didn’t irritate the skin at all." - AskMen, 10.5.16

Men's Fitness suggests using our Restoring Eye Balm to reduce signs of aging. - Men's Fitness, 10.1.16

"Take a splash of skin-smoothing algae extract, mix it with richly hydrating argan oil, and add a dose of soothing, inflammation-fighting aloe vera, and you’ve got a winning balm your beard will love. Expect more shine, less scratchiness from this lightweight oil [Brickell Beard Oil] with a crisp scent made from a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender essential oils." - Men's Journal, 8.25.16

Our co-founder Josh Meyer discusses the best men's summer skin care routine with The Manual. - The Manual, 7.15.16

Our Daily Strengthening Shampoo was reviewed by Long Hair For Men. - Long Hair For Men, 6.21.16

Our Maximum Strength Hand Balm was featured in Gear Patrol's "Today in Gear". - Gear Patrol, 6.6.16

"Josh Meyer, co-founder and CEO of Brickell Men's Products, adds that tea tree oil and peppermint are probably the top two essential oils used in men's grooming products. “Tea tree is an amazing antiseptic, killing bacteria and bad smells, and peppermint is arguably one of the most popular scents in the world. It smells refreshing and energizing.” For tea tree-based products, Brickell’s Daily Strengthening Shampoo for Men and Invigorating Mint Body Wash for Men both contain the power ingredient." - AskMen, 3.22.16

"Packed with peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oils, plus aloe and vitamin E, Brickell [Revitalizing Hair Conditioner] repairs dry, itchy skin while leaving your tresses super soft and full. You need just a small dab a few times a week, so the bottle should last you a long time." - Men's Journal, 3.4.16

"This is my favorite preshave wash [Purifying Charcoal Face Wash] because it yanks dirt off my face and softens my beard but leaves my skin feeling soothed, thanks to olive oil, jojoba, and aloe. Bonus: a touch of peppermint tingles just enough to wake me up before I drag a razor across my face." - Outside Magazine, 2.18.16

Our Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner for men was featured in GQ's list of "The All-Star Team of All-Natural Grooming Products. - GQ, 1.23.16

"Packed with scalp-tingling peppermint, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oils, plus aloe and vitamin E, Brickell [Revitalizing Hair Conditioner for Men] repairs dry, itchy skin while leaving your tresses super soft and full." - Men's Journal, 12.21.15

Busted Wallet's Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2015. - Busted Wallet, 12.3.15

"Want something simple but effective? We hear that. So did Brickell, so they came up with their routines". - Daily XY, 10.10.15

Our co-founder Josh Meyer was interviewed in Man of the Hour's Fall/Winter 2015 Style Guide. - Man of the Hour, 9.12.15

Our Maximum Strength Hand Balm for Men was featured in GQ's list of "The Only On-The-Go Grooming Essentials You'll Ever Need. - GQ, 8.18.15

A thorough video review of our product range from a top beauty blogger and her husband. - Gloss and Sparkle, 8.4.15

"Brickell Men's subscription box has a variety of high performing, natural skincare and grooming products for men." - Subaholic, 7.18.15

"I’ve heard great things about Brickell Men’s products and love it when companies create their own subscription boxes." - A Year of Boxes, 7.13.15

"Brickell's Purifying Charcoal Face Wash is packed with powerful, natural ingredients. The charcoal cleanses and purifies the pores while the jojoba and Aloe Vera soothe and hydrate the skin. Finally, the added green tea and essential oils act as a toner, making this a champion all-in-one product." - AskMen, 7.3.15

"Brickell Men’s Products' Brickell Box is a new monthly subscription box for men. The company offers high-quality, all natural hair care, skin care and shaving products." - My Beauty Box Review, 7.2.15

"If you're looking for happy and healthy skin that looks great, look no further than Brickell Men's Products Daily Essential Face Moisturizer! - Vegan Veg Out, 7.2.15

"Brickell proves you can have the island experience without the Bay Rum. A rich, foaming gel [Clarifying Gel Face Wash] combines cleansing coconut, healing aloe and purifying geranium." - Social Life Magazine, 5.22.15

Our Co-Founder, Josh Meyer, was quoted in this article about the evolution of men's grooming. - AskMen, 3.26.15

"To beat a dry, bloated face, load up on your water intake, and use a really hydrating moisturizer. Brickell’s Daily Essential Face Moisturizer is packed with anti-aging ingredients like green tea extract and Vitamin E." - AskMen, 3.19.15

"At long last - a clean skin care and personal grooming line for men. Brickell has created a fantastic range of grooming products that hit the spot." - Sophie Uliano, 3.4.15

"Pairing the face wash with the moisturizer immediately thereafter (and following that process twice a day) has yielded some pretty pleasing results. I’ve noticed that despite the cold winter weather, my face doesn’t feel dry – using both products helps a great deal with beating winter skin irritation." - Siblings With Style, 1.27.15

"What Brickell is providing is an all-natural product selection designed to keep your face looking and feeling great. Overall, our crew enjoyed the product offerings and noticed a difference in our skin quality and found ourselves embracing the products versus being ashamed of having a robust grooming and shaving process." - Busted Wallet, 1.22.15

"The complete range of face, shave and body products means your skincare and grooming needs are organically enriched." - M2 Magazine, February 2015 Edition (print)

Men's Beauty Essentials - TChad Quarterly, 1.12.15

20 Men's Grooming, Fragrance and Skin Care Products for the New Year - Vee Travels, 12.23.14

"My husband is currently using this body wash from Brickell and is a big fan. He says that “it has a nice lather to it and gets him clean” It has a light, refreshing mint scent that I think smells absolutely amazing and is very invigorating." - The Natural Junkie - Holiday Gift Guide For Him, 12.19.14

Holiday Gift Ideas For Him - KimberlyLoc.com, 12.8.14

Holiday Gift Guide - Eco18, 12.3.14

2014 Christmas Gift Guide - The Groomer - Man of Many, 12.2.14

"Composed of 98% natural ingredients, this luxury brand is dedicated to providing you with products that excel at powerful, rejuvenating skin care." - Man of the Hour Magazine, 10.27.14

"The old-fashioned, brushless Shave Cream is thick and lush, softening whiskers, and providing a nick-free, clean shave and smooth skin. It’s full of skin-clearing antioxidant fruit extracts and hydrating oils." - The Organic Beauty Blog, 10.24.14

"The No Shine Lip Balm is a total standout, giving guys protection from the elements, a subtle hint of natural flavor, and most importantly, a matte look that doesn't scream "I'm wearing my girlfriend's lip stuff!" - The Organic Beauty Blog, 10.24.14 

"After using the Mint Soap Scrub Bar for a few days, our skin felt revitalized and hydrated from the coconut and palm oil and smelled amazing from things like the ground peppermint leaves within the soap bar." - Gadgets4Guys, 10.13.14

"Both [Face Moisturizer and Hand Balm] are very smooth and highly nourishing, quickly absorbs into the skin, and leaves just the right balance of moisture for a well-conditioned, comfortable feel - all without leaving a greasy residue, which no one likes." - Veritas - Image Consulting & Style Coaching for Men, 9.29.14

"A thick, rich shave cream, with a very neutral, light scent." - Organic Beauty Blogger, 9.24.14

"Like the moisturizer, the After Shave Balm is very light and fast absorbing." - His Style Diary, 9.22.14

"Brickell has an essential men’s product line that is superior to most men’s grooming products on the market today." - Swagger Magzine, 9.21.14

"The Brickell Face Moisturizer is very light and fast-absorbing providing good hydration to the skin without clogging the pores." - His Style Diary, 9.22.14

"If you’re the kind of guy who is keen on taking measures to maintain a composed appearance...then you’re the kind of guy who ought to take a look at Brickell Men’s Products." - DailyXY, 9.13.14

"The product [Face Moisturizer] offers a nice matte finish without any shininess. We would rate this an effective light-weight face moisturizer. Hydration lasted for hours and anyone looking for an all natural non-synthetic face moisturizer should consider this." - Best Men's Skincare, 9.9.14

"In my honest opinion, my men's skin care products of choice come from Brickell Men’s Products." - Menprovement, 9.2.14

"Brickell Men's Grooming products have arrived on the scene, and I'm suitably impressed - or should I say my husband, is suitably impressed." - Sophie Uliano, 9.1.14

"Brickell's grooming and skin products are free of synthetic chemicals to keep skin healthy and clean." - Gear Patrol, 7.23.14

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