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Should You Wear a Gray Beard?

Man with grey beard

The aging process… say it ain’t so! Little by little, it slows you down and makes tiny changes to the way you look. A wrinkle here. A fine line there. An age spot appears. A hair turns gray. But give the aging process a decade or two, and those changes are suddenly much noticeable.

Most guys start to sprout gray hairs in their 30’s, though some won’t start to go gray until their late 40’s. It’s a genetic crapshoot, so don’t feel bad if you happen to notice your first gray hairs even earlier - like in your 20’s.

It’s not just the hair on you head though. Your facial hair slowly turns gray too. So maybe you want to refresh your look with a beard or goatee, but… maybe you’re also afraid it will come out all gray and make you look older than you’d like.

Quite a conundrum… unless you apply these tips to rock a sophisticated gray beard. Groom and trim your gray beard right and you’ll come out looking classy, distinguished, and stylish.


Growing Your Beard

As your beard grows in, make sure to keep it neat and trimmed. You don’t want to cut back the length, but keep the outer edges well trimmed. That way it looks cared for, not just like a mess of hairs growing down your neck.

Be patient during this process - it takes some guys a couple months to really fill out their beards. Resist the urge to give up though, just patiently let that thing grow in. It will be worth it soon.


What About Color?

This is one of the biggest sources of stress for guys who know they’ve got some gray. Will my beard grow in a messy mix of gray, white, and my natural color? Should I color it? Will it look weird?

Too many questions, one simple answer: Natural is the way to go. Let that beard grow in as it will - salt and pepper will look great, so will white or gray. Go with what you’ve got and own it. A little bit of confidence will go a long way to helping you nail the look.

What if you’ve got some white here, some gray there, some natural color on your chin? How can you even out the look?

Try some smart trimming to keep the focus on specific parts of your beard. For example, if your sideburns and checks come in white, keep them trimmed tighter and leave your salt and pepper goatee a touch longer. It’s a simple way to enhance the style of your beard.



It’s not enough to just grow your beard, trim it occasionally, and assume it will look great. But you don’t have to spend hours each week on beard grooming either. Just a few touches will give it a natural shine and a clean, healthy texture.

  • Wash and hydrate. Use a natural face wash for men to keep your face - including the skin under your beard - clean and free from breakouts. Always follow up with natural face moisturizer for men.
  • Beard oil. Just a few drops of natural beard oil will go a long way towards making your stylish gray beard look that much better. It uses argan oil to hydrate your hair and skin. That also brings a natural shine that makes your beard look and feel more youthful - even when it’s going gray.

Gray Beard, Great Look

With a little confidence and a smart grooming routine, you can rock an awesome gray beard. And you’ll be in star-studded company - model your beard off Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s beard and you know it’ll be a hit.

Just don’t forget to trim and groom your beard regularly. Use an organic beard oil to keep the texture and shine looking great and to prevent flakes or dehydration.

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