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Are Men’s Grooming and Masculinity at Odds?

Man applying skincare productIt’s a complex question. You want to be masculine and manly. But you want to look your best too. You know that a smart approach to skincare for men can help. But you aren’t sure you want to cross over from men’s grooming into a total personal beauty regimThe truth is that this is nothing new. Men have been balancing masculinity and grooming efforts since ancient times.

Today, it’s time to get rid of the stereotypes and concern about buzzwords and social criticism. Consider the history of men’s grooming and how society’s view of it has changed over the years. From there, develop a smart skincare for men routine. It will give you personal confidence and the best look possible.


Men’s Grooming in Ancient Times

Way back in ancient Egypt, men were serious about grooming. They made kohl, an early form of eyeliner, to help reduce the glare when working and traveling in the desert. It’s not so different from the way football players use black lines to limit the glare from the stadium lights. The Egyptians used fragrant oils to mask their body odor too.

The ancient Roman’s took men’s grooming to a whole new level. They established public baths where men gathered to groom. They could share their personal skincare secrets there too. The atmosphere seems a bit like the way people share skincare for men tips on blogs today.


Later Developments in Men’s Grooming

Towards the end of the Middle Ages, men began to adopt new anti-aging methods. They would bathe in wine, apply face masks of honey and egg, and use ointments. Not all were effective - and some of the ingredients were downright dangerous. But it’s interesting to note that anti-aging for men was already being experimented with.

Then came the Victorian era, where men’s grooming truly blossomed. Soaps and other blemish fighting products became popular.At the start of the 20th century, men’s grooming exploded. This was partially thanks to the influence of Hollywood. Men were beginning to use safety razors and to take the entire process of shaving more seriously. Looking and smelling your best in public became an important sign of social status.

If you have any doubts about the past interest in grooming and skincare, just think of Mad Men. The 1960’s saw a huge uprise in fashion and grooming for men. Looking well-groomed and put together were no longer the interest of the elite. Everyday businessmen saw the value of good grooming in developing a successful career. This remains true today.


Modern Men’s Grooming and Masculinity

Men who think skincare for men and men’s grooming are at odds with masculinity don’t know much about history. Guys have been taking care of their skin since ancient times. Sure, specific details of men’s grooming have changed with the times and cultural shifts. But the core fact remains the same: men have always wanted to look their best. How can you do that today? Follow a simple but effective skincare for men routine. Use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men daily. This is the most basic approach to skincare. But it puts you far ahead of the guys who stubbornly cling to their old school soap bar and refuse to upgrade.

Just like the men of ancient times, you should use an anti-aging routine for men to prevent wrinkles. Start sooner than later for the best results. The good news is that now you can get natural anti-aging products for men. They don’t include the dangerous ingredients ancient cultures used to use.

Don’t let cultural stereotypes steeped in false history keep you from looking your best. Use a smart men’s grooming routine. Enhance your appearance and gain the most masculine of traits - confidence.

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