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Is Your Body Odor Under Control?

Is Your Body Odor Under Control?

Scent is a major factor in attraction. Looking for a special someone to share your life with? Just want to succeed and get ahead? You need a men’s grooming routine that handles your BO.

Reality check - a lot of guys stink and don’t even realize it.

That’s because talking to other people about body odor is still taboo. Would you want to talk to one of your friends about their stinky pits? Didn’t think so.

To make matters worse, guys have stronger, more pungent BO than the ladies. Researchers have found that men’s body odor is much harder to cover up. In one trial, only a fifth of the fragrances tested covered up male body odor effectively.

What about the women? Half of the scents could tone down their BO.

Science has also discovered that you look worse when you smell rank. One study investigated whether olfactory cues would affect perceived facial attractiveness. The results?

“Participants rated the male faces as being significantly less attractive in the presence of an unpleasant odor than when the faces were presented together with a pleasant odor or with clean air.” 

What Causes Body Odor

Bacteria on your skin that feed on your sweat cause body odor. Once they’re done feeding, those bacteria create waste that stinks. And you get BO. 

Many independent factors determine how much you sweat and how bad you smell. They can be genetic, environmental, or matters of habit.

Lots of Body Hair - Moisture, bacteria, and general funkiness get caught up in your mass of body hair. Some manscaping can help reduce body odor in extreme cases.

Poor Hygiene - This is a common issue, even amongst guys who think they hygiene is fine. If you have bad BO you may need to shower and wash your clothing more often.

Tight Clothing - Modern trends are slanting towards tighter clothing for men. The bad news is that tight, sweaty clothing is a playground for odor-causing bacteria. If you know you’re going to be outside and getting sweaty, choose looser clothes.

Diet - Garlic, onions, cumin, and curry are all infamous stink-causers. Limit your intake of these foods. Drink plenty of water to help flush stinky substances out of your system.

Get Your BO Under Control

Realized that you have a problem with body odor? Worried that your funk is causing trouble in your personal life?

It’s time to step up your men’s grooming game.

Deodorant is a must. Apply your deodorant liberally. If you work outside or know you will get sweaty, bring some backup deodorant along. Reapply as often as necessary. This is your first line of defense. To avoid potentially harmful ingredients found in most products, choose a natural deodorant for men.

natural deodorant for men

Use a natural body wash for men or soap bar for men. Choose a product with natural and organic ingredients. Avoid soaps with long lists of synthetic chemicals. Natural ingredients will leave you clean and fresh without drying out your skin. 

Mild, natural scents are best. Most drug store soaps are strong and chemical based. You don't need all that artificial perfume. Go with a body wash for men scented with essential oils. Peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus, and other essential oils are best. They leave you with a refreshing, masculine scent.

The bacteria that cause body odor can hide in your hair too. Use organic shampoo for men to leave your hair clean without stripping away natural oils. Some guys don’t need to shampoo daily. But if you have noticed a BO problem, it might be right for you.

Your facial hair should get some attention. Your beard can be a hotbed for stinky food debris. Make sure you keep your facial hair clean and well groomed. Use beard oil to improve its texture, shine, and scent. 

Reduce Body Odor with Solid Men’s Grooming

A good routine using natural men’s grooming products - including natural deodorant for men - will help reduce your BO significantly. Don’t try to just mask your odor with chemical body sprays.

Remove the bacteria that cause your funky smell. Develop a clean lifestyle that makes BO a thing of the past. Everyone around you will be grateful.

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