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3 Reasons to Use Natural and Organic Men’s Grooming Products

Natural skincare products

Your skin is a precious resource. The dermis is your largest organ. It protects you from bacteria and other foreign invaders that can damage your health. So it deserves a good regimen of skincare for men.

Important fact: not all men’s grooming products are created equal. Creams, lotions, washes, and soaps line your local drug stores. But many are filled with questionable ingredients. 

Some countries restrict the ingredients in cosmetic products more than others. Regardless, there are potentially dangerous substances in many popular skincare products.

Fortunately, natural and organic men’s grooming products are more available now than ever before. You don’t have to risk your health just to have clean, blemish-free skin.

Here are 3 reasons you should make the switch from synthetic products to natural and organic cleansers and creams.

1 - Your Health

You already know that “you are what you eat.” Did you know that the same rule applies to what you put on your skin?

The skin acts much like a sponge, absorbing lotions, creams, and salves you rub on it. If those contain harmful substances, you can bet you are inviting them into you body. That will allow them to do even greater damage.

These are some of the most notorious synthetic ingredients found in some products:

Parabens. Chemical preservatives that can mimic estrogen. They've been linked to the risk of breast cancer.

Phthalates. Used to make plastics softer and more flexible. A 2015 report found that exposure to these chemicals can "contribute to a decline in semen quality." Science has shown that regularly absorbing phthalates through your skin leads to significantly decreased fertility. 

Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS). Used in cosmetics as a cleansing agent. SLS has a “degenerative effect on the cell membranes because of its protein denaturing properties.” In human tests, skin irritation “increased directly with concentration.” Many foaming cosmetics contain SLS. 

2 - Hidden Ingredients

One of the major problems with cosmetics is little government oversight. Some companies police themselves fairly. Others abuse the situation and add dangerous chemicals to their products. How can you know the difference?

One of the ways that companies hide dangerous chemicals is by adding them to fragrances. On an ingredient list, “fragrance” is a catch-all term. In the US, this term protects a company's proprietary fragrance blends. But in action, it can obscure harmful synthetic substances.

Natural and organic skincare for men products can also contain fragrances. But what makes them different?

Check to see if the product lists the fragrance ingredients. A product made with essential oils as fragrances is much safer than one made with synthetics. Companies that offer both scented and unscented men’s grooming products are also more reliable.

Concerned about fragrance ingredients? Have sensitive skin that easily reacts to synthetic products? Opt for fragrance-free organic men's grooming products.

3 - The Environment

What’s bad for your body is also bad for the environment. A 2005 Stanford University report analyzed the effect of synthetic fragrances on marine life. Researchers studied how California mussels reacted to synthetic musks.

Fragrances “were harmful in the sense that they compromise the defense system” of the mussels. This effect continued “even if you wash the chemical fragrance away” and continued for up to 48 hours.

Some guys assume that any product for sale in a drug store must be safe for them and the environment. Wrong. Tons of dangerous substances get washed down from sink drains every year. From there, many make there way into the water system.

Natural, Organic Skincare for Men Products Are Best

Guys - it's time to see the importance of natural, organic men’s grooming products. You should take skincare for men seriously.  Don’t just slather on any old cream.

Use natural face wash for men. Choose a face moisturizer for men scented with essential oils, not questionable chemicals. And buy men’s grooming products that do minimal damage to the environment.

You’ll get better results from organic men's grooming products. And you will protect your health for years to come. 

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