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5 Men’s Grooming Resolutions for 2017

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Have you already set your resolutions for 2017? Are you actually going to reach them? The sad reality is that most people run into trouble quick. After just a few weeks, it’s hard to maintain the changes you wanted to make on January 1st.

Want to improve your approach to men’s grooming in 2017? It’s a great time to do it. But don’t try to make a huge change. Instead, make small adjustments in your skincare for men routine. With patience and determination, you’ll be able to make your resolution a success.

Not sure where to start? Try one of these 5 easy men’s grooming 2017 resolutions. They’re easy to stick to and don’t require any major overhauling of your normal routine.


1 - Get Clearer Skin

It just takes a simple routine to make this resolution into reality. You need to use natural face wash for men twice daily. Commit to washing your face before you leave the house in the morning and again at night before going to bed. It will only take about 5 minutes. But the changes will be evident.

Make sure you choose a face wash designed for your skin type. For example, a face wash for men with oily skin with coconut based cleansers and aloe will remove excess oil and other pore-clogging debris.

Have dry or sensitive skin? A charcoal face wash for men is best. It uses activated charcoal to remove dirt and bacteria from your skin. 


2 - No More Dry Skin

Does your skin get dry, flaky, and itchy? Fix all that in 2017 by updating your skincare for men routine. Here’s a basic approach that will significantly improve your skin:

  • Wash. Use face wash for men designed for guys with dry skin. It should contain gentle cleansers and natural hydrating ingredients.
  • Moisturize. The essential way to combat dry skin is using face moisturizer for men daily. It should always come after washing your face. Guys with dry skin need to use it twice a day - in the morning and again at night before bed. 


3 - Get Rid of Wrinkles

You can’t entirely stop the aging process. But you sure can slow it down. Are you starting to notice wrinkles and fine lines? Are your crows’ feet growing larger than you’d like? Start using this anti-aging routine for men in 2017.

  • Eye Cream. Use eye cream for men to promote healthy circulation in the sensitive skin around your eyes. That will prevent dark circles and help diminish puffy bags. 
  • Anti-Aging Cream. A natural, hydrating anti-aging cream for men is an effective way to reduce the signs of aging. Use it twice daily to maximize moisture in your skin. It will also stimulate the muscles beneath the skin that cause wrinkles. 


4 - Make Shaving Less Irritating

Lots of guys struggle with shave irritation. Tackle this problem head on in 2017 with a solid shave routine for men. It takes a simple, 3-step approach:

  • 1 - Exfoliate. Prepare your skin for a great shave with face scrub for men. It will expose your hairs and remove dead skin. That means a better shave and far less irritation.
  • 2 - Shave. Use a safety razor and natural shave cream for men. Instead of foam, choose a cream that goes on like a hydrating lotion. That will make shaving much easier on your skin. And it minimizes redness and itchiness.
  • 3 - Soothe. A natural aftershave will soothe your skin, leaving it clear and smooth. Make sure you use an alcohol-free aftershave. You don’t need alcohol to kill bacteria. Gentle natural ingredients are just as effective, but without the irritation that alcohol causes. 


5 - Have Better Hair

Bad hair no good. And bedhead works for the kids and the starving artists. But professionals need to look their best. If you need to revamp your approach to haircare, here’s how to make it happen in 2017.

Start with your shampoo. Switch from the drug store special to natural shampoo for men. It should do more than just remove dirt and bacteria. Choose a produce that stimulates hair growth, nourishes your scalp, and thickens your hair.

Then move on to conditioner. Yes. You need to be using hair conditioner for men. It will help thicken your hair, giving it a natural shine and texture. You’ll notice a major difference once you start using a natural hair conditioner for men a few times a week.

Finally, style your hair with a natural wax pomade for men. It won’t leave your hair crunchy or hard. Instead, it stays flexible while keeping your look in place throughout the day. 


Make Your 2017 Resolutions into Reality

Use these tips to improve your approach to men’s grooming in 2017. You can improve your appearance and enjoy the benefits.

Looking for the easiest possible solution to skincare? Try an all in one wash for men. It's designed to be used on your hair, face, and body. It's the simplest way to start taking better care of your skin.

It doesn’t take major change. Just a few tweaks to your current men's grooming routine will make a big difference. 

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