Stay Fresh Body Powder for Men

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Our natural, talc-free men’s body powder keeps you dry and comfortable all day long. For all skin types.

Now with a flip top lid for easier use.

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What It Does

Calms. Dries. Soothes.

Keeps your skin calm and dry during workouts, strenuous activity, and daily life
Soothes and repairs skin that is damaged by sweat and chafing
Relieves itch and irritation

Say goodbye to chafing and irritation from long days or your workout. This natural, talc-free men’s body powder keeps you dry and comfortable all day long.

Our all-natural body powder for men keeps your skin calm and dry during workouts, strenuous activity, and daily life. This light, talc-free powder delivers soothing, dry relief to areas of your body where sweat and movement result in irritation.




Corn Starch: Dries sweat and perspiration on contact, allowing freedom of movement without chafing.

Provitamin B5: Nourishes, protects, and heals, stimulating skin regeneration when it is irritated or damaged.

Aloe Vera: Hydrates and soothes your skin, providing lasting cool relief.

These ingredients, along with other powerful, natural ingredients have been scientifically formulated to create the best body powder for men.
Scent + -
Choose unscented or scented with refreshing mint.
How To Use + -
Use this men's body powder daily as needed to prevent chafing and irritation.
Full Ingredients + -
Manihot Esculenta, Zea Mays Starch, Sodium Bicarbonate, Allantoin, Kaolin, Panthenol, Zinc Oxide, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice.
**Scented version also includes: Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Mentha Piperita Oil, Limonene
FAQ's + -
Suggested use - How do I use this?
🕔 Use daily, as needed in the morning, during the day or at the gym.
Apply to any parts of your skin that need cool and dry relief.
Does this prevent chafing?
Yes, our body powder dries sweat and perspiration on contact to prevent chafing instantly.
It also contains Aloe Vera and Provitamin B5 to hydrate the skin and repair any damage done.
Is this vegan/tested on animals?
This product is vegan.
We NEVER test on animals.
I have allergies - is this safe?
This product does not contain any nuts and is gluten free. This product is manufactured in a facility that also manufactures products that contain nuts and gluten.
120,000+ Verified Reviews
Stay Fresh Body Powder for Men

Bought this about a year ago and use this as needed. Use mostly below the belt. Originally got the scented and it smelled fine. Second time bought the unscented and third time bought the unscented as well. Does the job and can’t go wrong with either version.
~ Thomas M.

Does a great job of absorbing excess moisture and preventing acne. Reduces irritation. I use it in the morning after I shower and it works all day.
~ Chris F.

I live in Arizona and this stuff has been a game changer. For the most part, it has kept me dry and less irritated during the hot summer. Give it a try, your nether regions will thank you.
~ Eric

This body powder works very well without emitting a lot of dust during application. Also, it feels very smooth on your skin. Great body powder!
~ Gary R.


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