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Men’s Grooming Essentials After a Midday Workout

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When is your favorite time to hit the gym? Some guys are most motivated to get in a tough workout at the start or end of the day. But the most underrated option of all is the midday workout. Why?

Crowded gyms suck. Instead of just going ahead with your scheduled training plan, you have to figure out which machines are available and work around that. You have to deal with the other people at the gym - which is usually packed in the mornings and evenings. Those folks may get in your way, forget to put their weights back in place, or leave the machines less than clean. It’s all a big hassle that makes for a less than enjoyable trip to the gym.

Still not convinced? Stroll into your normally crowded gym at 1pm and soak in the difference. Very few people. No waiting for weights or machines. Just an enjoyable, efficient workout almost entirely to yourself. It’s the best way to get in your daily fitness routine.

There’s even more. If you skip out of the office to hit the gym on your lunch hour, you get a ton of benefits. That workout will boost your energy levels and help you make it through the afternoon lull without having to go totally overboard on your caffeine consumption.

There is one major downside, however. Because when you come back to the office, satisfied with your smart plan to workout at midday… you’re going to be stinky. And sweaty. And a bit gross.

What can you do about it? Plan ahead with these men’s grooming essentials that will help you go from post-gym funky to professionally put together in no time.


1 - All in One Shower Gel

A quick shower at the gym is the best way to prevent any BO from lingering. But you don’t need to pack an entire kit of shower products with you. Just toss a bottle of our All in One Rapid Wash in your gym bag. It’s the best all in one wash for men. Use it for your hair, face, and body. Its gentle ingredients won’t dry out your skin or scalp. And they keep your hair healthy without removing natural oils.


2 - Deodorant

Working up a sweat in the gym is good for you, but bad for the people around you who have to smell your gym funk for the rest of the day. Do them all a favor and reapply the best deodorant for men before you leave the gym. Our Fresh Mint Deodorant keeps you smelling fresh without any alcohol, aluminum, or other harsh ingredients.


3 - Body Powder

You need to stay fresh beyond just your pits. That’s where a quick dusting of the best body powder for men will help. Use it keep all your private - and potentially stench-ridden - places fresh and stink-free instead. Our Stay Fresh Body Powder is talc-free and designed to keep you fresh and dry all day long.


4 - Hand Cream

Lifting weights can leave your hands dry and chapped. Not great for the rest of the day around the office. So take a moment to hydrate with the best hand cream for men. Our Maximum Strength Hand Cream is fast-absorbing, oil-free, and perfect for restoring a smooth, natural feel after you get back from the gym.


5 - Toner

This one’s for the guys who struggle with oily skin and often finish up at the gym with a shiny, sweaty complexion. Use a spritz of face toner for men to cut down on oil, maintain a matte complexion, and refresh your skin. Our Balancing Toner is alcohol-free - it uses witch hazel and cucumber to revitalize and tone your skin.

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