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How to Reduce Oily Skin Concerns

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Oily skin in men is very common all over the world. Lots of guys have oily skin, and many (if not most of them) manage to still look great. How? They adapt their skincare routines to fit the needs of their skin type.

Do you continue to wonder 'why is my face so oily' no matter how differently you treat it? Perhaps you struggle with breakouts. Maybe you wash your face each morning, only to feel like it’s looking greasy again in 5 minutes flat. If you want to do better, read on and learn how to reduce oily skin. That way you'll know how to stop the oily skin routine from becoming an issue for you.


Why Is My Face So Oily?

Underneath your skin are your sebaceous glands. They are responsible for protecting and lubricating your skin with natural oil called sebum. While this is all good and normal, men also have a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in their bodies. It’s one of the basic building blocks of what makes you a man.

However, a higher level of DHT in the body causes the overproduction of sebum, leaving your skin looking greasy and oily. It’s not all bad though. Men with oily skin tend to age slower than those with dry skin. As your peers start to wrinkle and stress about fine lines, your skin will likely stay firm, smooth, and supple.


The Myth: Is Oily Skin More Attractive?

There is a myth that oily skin in men could decrease self-confidence without the proper skincare routine. However, we have evidently seen this happening in most men. Having the right skincare routine could help boost self-confidence and improve attractiveness.


What Causes Oily Skin in Men


It is worth knowing that your genes could influence your skin metamorphosis. If your family member has oily skin, it could have been passed down through genetics. However, the best way to stop oily skin is through moisturizing. Men with oily skin often have sebaceous glands in their genes, which causes oiliness.


Hormonal Changes

High testosterone levels are excellent news for muscular growth but have undesirable results on your skin. Men's oily skin could be caused by the hormonal changes going through their bodies. Hormonal changes could trigger the sebaceous glands to increase sebum production in your skin.



At puberty, a young man is bound to have changes in his body, leading to excessive oily skin. Oiliness for puberty is a result of hormonal changes like the increase in testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).



Older men tend to have drier skin. Aging can stop oily skin in men in their 50s and above. Shiny skin in men reduces as they age, which explains the increase in the oiliness of their skin during hormonal changes.


Medical Conditions

Medical conditions like Parkinson's disease, adrenal disorders, testicular conditions like dermatitis, and pituitary and adrenal conditions could increase sebum production in your skin. If you want to know how to stop oily skin, read on, we'll touch on this below.


Habits & Lifestyle

An unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, poor dieting, and excessive alcohol can cause oily skin. You can help reduce oily skin by following the measures in this write-up. Excessive consumption of oily meals like fried food. Stress hormones and lack of exercise can increase sebum production.


Why Is My Skin So Oily When I Wake Up?

It is perfectly natural to have oily skin when you wake up. It is simply a result of you getting the sleep your body needed during a certain period. Men's oily skin is mostly a result of hormonal changes.


External Factors

Oily skin in men could be caused by external factors like sun rays, heat, UV light, and a hot environment. Staying too long in a place with high humidity could rapidly increase the sebum production in your skin.


How to Reduce Face Oil

Even if oily skin in men is part of your genetics, you don’t have to throw in the towel when it comes to your oily skin. Instead, learn how to reduce sebum production, understand how to stop oily skin, and stay looking your best by following these tips:


Cleanse Your Face Daily

Cleanse your face with a face wash specifically for men with oily skin. Use it twice daily, once in the morning and before you go to bed. Be careful not to over-wash your face, as this can dry out your skin, putting you at risk for irritation, breakouts, and excess oil production. Your skin needs oil to maintain homeostasis and pH balance. If you excessively dry out your face, it goes into oil production overdrive to get the skin back to its natural state.


Clarifying Gel Face Wash

Clarifying Gel Face Wash is usually the best for men with oily faces. It is the best for acne-prone and oily skin conditions. Clarifying Gel Face Wash will help wash off dirt, oil, and skin debris, to give glowing and refreshed skin.

Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

You need a cleansing agent like Purifying Charcoal Face Wash to remove excess oil from your face. It is the best skincare for men with oily skin. It contains olive oil that easily dissolves and removes oil from your face.


Redefining Anti-aging Face Wash

Men with oily faces turn to Redefining Anti-aging Face Wash to deeply cleanse the skin from bacteria, face irritation, and dirt. It would also help reduce the effect of aging on the skin to give you a brighter look.


Try Products with Salicylic Acid

This leads us to Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid added to the products can help eliminate oily skin in men. The combination works on dead skin removal by closing and unclogging pores. It reduces breakouts, inflammation and penetrates the pores to reduce sebum production.


Exfoliating Body Wash

Men's oily skin is usually a result of hormonal changes or genetics. Exfoliating Body Wash could help prevent the future occurrence of oily skin. It would restore, cleanse and polish skin with impurities and restore your initial complexion.


Acne Controlling Face Wash

This is best for men with acne conditions. Acne Controlling Face Wash helps clear, cleanse, and drastically reduce oily skin in men. It clears and stops blemishes, skin breakouts, and treats any other acne issues on your skin.


Acne Controlling Spot Treatment

Acne Controlling Spot Treatment is the best skincare for men with oily skin. It easily targets and removes sweat pimples, whiteheads, and individual zits. This skincare treatment gently exfoliates and treats rough skin spots without causing damage to the skin.


Acne Controlling System

Men's oily faces can be treated with an Acne Controlling System when they are applied routinely to give much nourishing skin. The Acne Controlling System targets breakouts, blemishes, and healing scars related to acne. It treats the tough skin spot without touching other areas of your skin.


Scrub Gently and Thoroughly

Be careful when you exfoliate your face – harsh ingredients, excessive scrubbing, and some exfoliating materials can cause over-drying. That’s not what you want. Even if your body has too much oil, you need to be gentle with your skin. Treat it well. That means applying your scrub in an easy motion, not trying to dig into your skin with sandpaper. And choose a product with natural, non-irritating ingredients - like ours.


Renewing Face Scrub

Exfoliate your skin 1–2 times a week with our Renewing Face Scrub. It's made with natural, non-irritating ingredients to prevent oily skin. It'll remove dead skin cells and other build-ups that accumulate due to your overactive sebaceous glands - basically how to stop oily face concerns from getting out of hand.


Polishing Body Scrub

Are you trying to eliminate dead skin cells? Oily skin in men could affect certain ambitious careers and diminishes your physical appearance. Polishing Body Scrub is compatible with any skin to eliminate acne and restore the skin to its normal complexion without toning.


Mint Soap Scrub Bar

Mint Soap Scrub Bar works for men's oily skin when they have rough and dried-out skin. It keeps your skin hydrated, renewed, and refreshed with the ground peppermint substance to eliminate rough patches.


Combine with a Toner

What if you notice too much shine accumulating on your skin midday? Instead of washing your face again, try a toner. A couple of quick spritzes are a great way to reduce face oil, minimize the appearance of pores, and refresh your skin.


Balancing Toner

Are you looking to balance your skin complexion? Balancing Toner is your go-to alcohol-free oil. Oily skin in men could cause skin pigmentation disorder by changing your skin color. You can protect your skin by using Balancing Toner to keep your skin nourishing and refreshing.


Moisturize Before Going to Bed & After Waking up

Even men with oily skin need to moisturize daily. Seems illogical? Take some time to understand why. Your skin needs moisture and hydration to stay healthy and look great. Without them, it will create extra oil as a layer of protection from bacteria and other environmental invaders. Don’t get it twisted - oil production and moisturizing your face are two different things.


Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

Since you have oily skin, you should use an oil-free formula - like our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer. It can be used morning or evening, it’s lightweight, and it absorbs quickly. And can help to prevent oily skin. Using a face moisturizer (especially one with the best natural ingredients) will help supply your skin with the necessary nutrients so it always stays energized and youthful.


Rejuvenating Anti-aging Gel Moisturizer

Treat your skin rapidly aging with the Rejuvenating Anti-aging Gel Moisturizer. It tightens, renews, and hydrates your skin significantly by reducing the common aging signs in men. We recall that hormonal change is the primary cause of oiliness in oily skin men.


Acne Control Moisturizer

If you tend to have oily skin either from genetics or human growth hormone, the faster and most effective way to prevent excessive oily skin is to approach it with the Acne Control Moisturizer. Acne Control Moisturizer added with 2% salicylic acid is the perfect solution for healthy skin.


Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin Men

OK, so you have oily skin flowing through your genes. Men with oily skin have thicker skin that prevents aging. Take strict measures to treat your skin. Oily skin in men can be prevented by using the following products.


Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I

Men need to use skincare routines for their oily skin. This face kit for men is the skincare routine for oily skin men. Using our Men's Daily Advanced Face Care Routine I will help treat and prevent any form of skin irritation that may occur.


Men’s Daily Essential Face Care Routine I

This is the perfect facial routine for men that performs wonders on your skin. Skincare for men with oily skin could come with different application methods. However, our Men's Daily Essential Face Care Routine I closes the deal on the prevention of skin irritation.


Complete Defense Anti-Aging Routine

The Complete Defense Anti-Aging Routine serum gives everything it is supposed to give. Oily skin in men causes skin breakouts, skin pigmentation, acne, and more. This serum eliminates that and keeps you refreshed.


Use Natural Shaving Products That Work

If you shave your facial hair regularly and have oily skin, beware of shaving creams and aftershaves that have alcohol in them. Alcohol is a well-known skin irritant and aggressively dries out the skin. Instead, choose natural, soothing, alcohol-free formulas which work great for guys with oily skin.


Smooth Brushless Shave Cream

This was designed to hydrate and soothe your skin for a close, enjoyable shave. It helps prevent oily skin and gives you a refreshing and nourishing feeling to stand out daily. Smooth Brushless Shave Cream prevents skin from past and future irritation.


Instant Relief Aftershave

Instant Relief Aftershave reduces face oil without causing dryness or irritation. Men's oily faces are usually caused by stress and testicular conditions like dermatitis. Instant Relief Aftershave instantly relieves you of skin irritation after shaving.


Reduce Exposure to the Sun

SPF Products protect your skin from the sun. Use a good sunscreen to take care of your skin. Men's oily faces are a result of sun rays that can trigger your skin to increase sebum production in the skin.


Daily Defense Face Moisturizer

Daily defense Face Moisturizer is the solution you need to stop oily skin. It is an oil-free solution, so you do not have to worry about your skin producing excess oily substances. Daily Defense Face Moisturizer prevents your skin from secreting more oil today!


Element Defense Moisturizer

Element Defense Moisturizer is one solution that can stop oily skin in men. It is rich in zinc oxide, green tea extract, and sunflower oil. They all come together to prevent skin irritation and protect the skin from the effects of UV light, sun rays, and heat.


Before You Go

Oily skin conditions are regularly caused by the excess production of sebaceous glands. Men have often researched how to prevent oily skin. The prevention is simple and can be done routinely. With the consistent application of the products above, you can finally treat your oily skin and give yourself the glow you deserve. 

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