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How to Prevent Chapped Lips in Cold Weather

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Dealing with the cold isn’t always easy. Sure, there are days when the crisp, clean air feels great. When the fresh white snow is bright and beautiful.

But then there are all the other days. The bitterly cold ones with hopelessly dry air that dries out your skin and lips. Despite your best skincare for men efforts, it’s hard to keep your skin looking its best in the dead of winter.

But what about your soft, sensitive lips? What makes them so vulnerable to the cold weather? And what can you do to save them (and yourself) from getting dry, chapped, and cracked?

Just use these men’s grooming tips.

Editor’s Note: In case you missed it, The Grooming Manual recently address a similar problem - dry, cracked hands. Read about it here: How to Prevent Cracked Hands in Winter


Why the Cold Affects Your Lips

You already know that you need a good men’s grooming routine to care for your sensitive facial skin. But your lips are far more sensitive. The skin on your lips is among the thinnest anywhere on your body.

There are fewer oil glands present than most other parts of your body as well. That means they have a harder time staying moisturized when the air gets cold and dry.

Chances are you have some bad habits that lead to dry, chapped lips too. One of the most common and most problematic is licking your lips.

This is a rough one. When your lips feel dry, the natural tendency is to lick them and coat them with some moisture. But it ends up causing more harm than good.

Your saliva doesn’t stick around very long on your lips. It evaporates quickly, especially in dry winter air. As it does, it pulls additional moisture out of your lips. That leaves them even drier than they originally were. Bad news.

Another bad habit that causes dry lips: mouth breathing. As you inhale and exhale, your lips become parched. This can be another hard habit to break. If you are sniffling with allergies or a cold during the winter, you might be stuck breathing through your mouth. If so, be extra aware of the risk of dry lips.


Protect Your Sensitive Lips

The odds are not in your favor during the cold winter season. You need to take steps to protect your lips and keep them hydrated. Here are some tips:

  • Use Lip Balm. Never leave the house without lip balm for men. It will lock in moisture and prevent excessive drying throughout the day. Reapply as necessary to keep your lips hydrated. Choose a natural lip balm for men over chemical-laden drug store varieties.
  • Stay Hydrated. The better hydrated your body is, the better your lips will look. Drink plenty of fluids - especially water - to reduce your risk of having dry, cracked lips.
  • Beware the Sun. Direct sunlight - even on a cold winter day - dries out your skin and lips. Apply SPF 15 or higher sunscreen when you have to be outside for more than 15 minutes during the sunny part of the day. Or - better yet - just stay out of the sun during the early and mid afternoon.


Avoid the Pain of Chapped Lips

Chapped, cracked lips are awful. They look bad. They feel worse. And they’re totally avoidable. There’s no need to deal with the pain and discomfort.

Instead, take good care of your lips and skin. Follow a solid skincare for men routine that includes natural lip balm for men. Hydrate your skin as well with face moisturizer for men. For bonus lip protection, apply lip balm for men before bed. You’ll wake up with naturally, hydrated smooth lips.

It’s not hard to protect your lips from the cold weather. Make the smart choice and use your skincare for men routine to prevent cracked lips.

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