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How to Get Perfect Wavy Beach Hair

How to Get Wavy Beach Hair for Guys

It’s hard to beat a relaxing day at the beach. Not only can you enjoy the sunshine, breeze, and ocean air, you also get to leave with the perfect head of beachy waves.

Why does spending the day at the beach give you that surfer hairstyle? There are a variety of factors at play to make a nice beach wave hair day - like the salt water, the sunshine, and the cool breeze.

But you don’t have to actually surf to get men’s surfer hair. Here’s how to achieve men’s beach hair at home with just a few tools, products, and styling techniques.

Our Solutions for Instant Men's Waves

When it comes to wavy hair men often assume that their options are limited. It's something that you're either born with, or lucky enough to get after a day at the beach, right? Nope.

Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

Brickell's Texturizing Sea Salt Spray leverages sea salt, Vitamin E, and Hydrolyzed Proteins to emulate the same look. Just shake the bottle and give it five to 10 sprays while massaging it into your scalp, then dry - more drying for a matte effect.

Styling Clay Pomade

It's easy to layer products on top of our texturizing sea salt spray to create different looks. Add Styling Clay Pomade for more definition - or for its litany of nutritious ingredients for the scalp, like bentonite clay, Argan oil, and hydrolyzed quinoa.

No more than a blueberry-sized dollop is needed to create a strong hold and matte finish that lasts all day. The trick to nailing the perfect waves hair look every time with Styling Clay Pomade is to let your natural texture show - so don't over-style!

Shaping Paste Pomade

Now for the finishing touch on your beach waves hair - Shaping Paste Pomade. Intended for all hair types, this Brickell product adds a similar texture and form to your locks as our styling clay, but with a different mix of ingredients.

Red algae extract, hyaluronic acid, and lanolin work together to promote robust and natural shape. Start by rubbing a drop between your hands, then work it into the scalp front-to-back.

Step-by-Step Guide for Men's Beachy Waves

Follow these steps to get the look you want - wavy hair that makes everyone think you just got back from an extended beach vacation.

Step 1: Use Natural Sea Salt Spray

Getting your hair coated in the ocean water is a major part of attaining the unique beach hair look. The salt absorbs oil, gives your hair a matte finish, and encourages a wavy texture.

Best Sea Salt Spray Ingredients

You can get the same guys with wavy hair styles at home with natural sea salt spray. Just make sure you’re using a product that has safe ingredients that strengthen and protect your hair while not causing any scalp irritation. The best sea salt spray for men should be made with:

  • Natural Sea Salt - absorbs oil to lift hair, build volume, and produce texture
  • Hydrolyzed Proteins - encourage moisture retention and soften hair, preventing a crunchy texture or frizzy look
  • Vitamin E - provides antioxidants that prevent hair damage.

Our Texturizing Sea Salt Spray contains these and many more natural ingredients to help you achieve the perfect look without any irritation. And, of course, it’s alcohol-free.

How to Get Waves in Hair With Salt Spray

You can apply your hair salt spray directly to damp or dry hair. The techniques you use to style it all depend on exactly what kind of look you’re going for.

If you want to maximize hair volume:

Start with damp (not dripping wet) hair. Lift your hair and aim your sea salt spray directly at your hair roots.

Then, gently grab and clump your hair near the root to fully cover the area. Go around your head until you’ve gotten to all of the beach wave hair roots.

Next, cover your hair ends by spritzing around your head with several pumps of sea salt spray. Again, you can gently scrunch your hair after applying to make sure all the ends are covered.

If you want some volume with more beach curls:

Start with dry or slightly damp hair. Spray all around your beachy waves with several pumps of men’s sea salt spray, covering the ends of your hair without fully wetting your entire head.

Step 2: Dry Your Hair

You’ve used your spray to emulate the salt water. Now it’s time to mimic the sunshine and ocean breeze for the perfect wavy hair on guys that you've imagined.

The way you dry your hair after applying the best sea salt spray will have a significant effect on how it turns out. There are a few different ways to approach this, depending on your desired outcome.

If you want to maximize hair volume:

Use a blowdryer to get men’s beachy waves with max volume. Start with medium heat at high speed and use a diffuser; this combination captures the same experience you would get by naturally drying your hair in the sun and sea breeze.

Lift your hair from the roots while using your blow dryer to encourage additional volume. Gradually reduce the heat down to the lowest setting as your hair gets drier. Grab your hair gently and make a fist as you dry it to get wavy men’s surfer hair.

If you want some volume with more beachy waves:

Instead of using a blowdryer, let your beachy waves air dry. You can still use the grabbing/scrunching motion as it dries to encourage the proper forming of natural ocean waves hair.

Step 3: Complete the Beachy Waves Hairstyle

If you’re happy with your hair’s volume, texture, and beachy waves at this point, fantastic! You’re all done. Otherwise, you can continue with some styling techniques to perfect your men’s surfer hair.

How to add hold and beach wave curls with pomade:

Natural sea salt spray doesn’t offer much in the way of hold. So if you want to keep your wavy hair male look in place, use pomade. Make sure you’re using a low shine product - you don’t want to add in a glossy pomade that will work against your surfer hairstyle.

Our Styling Clay Pomade pairs well with our Texturizing Sea Salt Spray to complete your beachy style with a bit more texture and hold. It’s made with bentonite clay, hydrolyzed proteins, argan oil, and aloe - so you won’t be damaging your hair or working against your hair salt spray.

Apply just a small amount of pomade at first. Rub it around in your hands to warm it up, then spread it evenly through your hair. Add more as needed to achieve the hold and style you’re going for. You can also use a blowdryer to set your pomade and hairstyle in place.

Tips for Getting Wavy Guy Hair

When wondering how to make hair wavy, men needn't consider the traditional curl of a flat iron. These tips and best practices for guys can be just as effective, if not more so, when done right.

Use Proper Shampoo and Conditioner

Beyond knowing the fundamentals of how to style wavy hair men also need to know what products to use. It's best to choose ones designed to moisturize and reduce frizz, rather than ones that contain sulfates. Like these:

Revitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner

A lively mix of natural oils and extracts, thisRevitalizing Hair & Scalp Conditioner will restore volume and shine to your hair in no time - and regardless of what type it is. The refreshing and invigorating mint scent adds an extra boost of energy to the finished product that will leave you confident enough to take on the world.

Relieving Dandruff Shampoo

Feeling dry? Our Relieving Dandruff Shampoo reduces flakes while soothing the scalp with the help of aloe vera, Jojoba oil, and Ziziphus Joazeiro bark extract. You'll love the all-natural formula's great smell.

Daily Strengthening Shampoo

Brickell's Daily Strengthening Shampoo is ideal for those concerned about the health of their hair on an individual level. Applying the formula regularly can help strengthen strands and stimulate healthy growth for a more volumized look overall. With hydrolyzed wheat protein, amino acids, peppermint, and tea tree oil, this shampoo is a great all-rounder for men's hair care.

Start With the Right Haircut

Of course, even with the best beachy waves hair products, not all heads of hair will nail the look outright. A big part of it comes down to haircut, specifically layers. You want to have plenty of them so as to create volume and give the hair a light, airy feel. Make sure your stylist knows that you’re aiming for beachy waves and ask them to layer it out accordingly.

Don't Overwash Your Hair

Although a washed-out look may be what you're going for, washing your hair every day isn't how to get beach waves - it can actually be counterproductive. Your hair needs natural oils to maintain its shape and weight. Washing it too much removes those oils and causes limpness. Aim to strike a balance between clean and full bodied by washing your hair two to three times a week. You might also consider applying dry shampoo in between washes to freshen it up.

Apply a Styling Product

Want to know how to make waves in hair in half the time? Use a strategic arsenal of styling products. Sea salt spray and texturizing cream are great for creating beachy waves, while a smoothing serum can help tame the frizz.

For best results, apply styling products to your towel-dried hair and let it air dry, or use a diffuser on a low heat setting for an even faster finish.

Avoid Touching Your Hair Too Much

If there's one thing that wavy hair guys love to do, it's touch their voluminous locks. But as beautiful as yours may seem, refrain from doing so! Excessive touching is an easy way to undo all of the hard work you put into getting that perfect texture.

If you must touch it, make sure to use a light styling cream and keep your hands away from the roots. This will help ensure that your curls don't get frizzy or limp after being touched too much.

Hair Routines You Should Try for the Best Beachy Waves

We've been over the bare basics of how to get wavy hair here, but there are countless additional ways to achieve it. The best method for you will depend on your hair type and desired results. Heat styling is always an option, but shouldn't be done frequently for its potential to damage hair.

If you're looking for a more natural way to get wavy hair, there are plenty of methods that rely on products and time. Overnight braiding can give you soft, loose waves without excessive heat.

Our Relieving Hair Care Routine can further strengthen your hair while adding moisture, protection and shine. Deep-conditioning treatments are also a great way to help retain moisture in your hair for healthy-looking curls.

Get Men’s Beachy Waves at Home

You don’t have to spend the day at the beach to look like you just came in from surfing. Using the best sea salt spray for men and the proper technique, you can have men’s surfer beach hair as often as you like - everyday even!

By learning how to get wavy hair men do more than simply up their styling game - they get a confidence boost! If you want to extend that feeling beyond your head, we highly recommend Brickell's Total Skincare Routine. This collection of all natural products will bring your skin to the next level.

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