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How to Address Common Concerns with Your 2 Month Beard

How to Address Common Concerns with Your 2 Month Beard

The first month of beard growth is pretty straightforward, if awkward. You just let the hair grow, stop shaving, and play the waiting game. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to sport a fuzzy, patchy face of whiskers. But it’s part of the process.

The untamed nature of an early beard can be tough. Sure, you could simply not care about how you look. But for most men - especially successful guys like you - that’s not really an option. You have responsibilities, a professional image to maintain, and people around you who don’t want to put up with a straggly mess of a beard on your face.

That’s why, once you get to the 2 month beard stage, it’s time to take beard grooming more seriously. Here’s how to address some of the common concerns that come up for guys who have a 2 month beard.


How to Trim Your 2 Month Beard

On average, facial hair grows about half an inch every month. So a 2 month beard is typically around an inch long. That means you can start doing some light, careful trimming. But beware of going crazy - overdoing it on the trimming at this point is bad news.



Use scissors or a trimmer to remove fly-away hairs. Don’t reduce bulk on your mustache yet; you should still leave it alone at the 2 month mark.



Most guys still need to wait on some hair growth at this point before trimming the cheekline. If you try to define a hard line here before your facial hair has grown in thoroughly, you could get it wrong for your face shape or beard growth.



This is the easiest thing to mess up about a 2 month beard. Resist the urge to over-trim your neckline. Don’t get anywhere near your jawline; that can ruin the look. Instead, work with a U-shape line that comes down from your jaw bone to about an inch above your Adam’s apple. 


Exercise Patience

The difference between a 2 month vs 3 month beard can feel quite significant. It’s amazing how much half an inch of facial hair can do to change your look. So at the 2 month beard stage, patience is still key. Don’t overdo the trimming. Let it grow. Enjoy the process. 


2 Month Beard Grooming Tips

Even though you don't want to go crazy trimming your beard, these grooming tips will help you look your best. At this early stage in beard growth, a good skincare routine is critical to keeping your facial hair in top shape.


Keep It Clean

You don’t need a separate beard wash for your 2 month beard. The same gentle face wash you use on your skin is perfect for cleansing your beard. For guys with normal to oily skin, we recommend our Clarifying Gel Face Wash. If you have sensitive or dry skin, the ingredients in our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash will work best for you.


Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating your face and the skin under your beard will prevent flakes, improve beard texture, and ensure your face and whiskers look their best. Moderation is important here - you don’t need to exfoliate daily. Instead, use our Renewing Face Scrub 2-3 times each week - a maximum of every other day. 


Use Face Moisturizer

We recommend our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer for men of all skin types. It’s lightweight, oil-free, and fast absorbing. Some guys wonder if it’s OK to apply lotion to to their 2 month beard - so many that we’ve got an entire guide to address that FAQ. The truth is that face moisturizer is absolutely fine for hydrating both your beard and the skin beneath it.


Beard Oil Is Optional

For a 2 month beard, beard oil is still optional. Our natural Beard Oil uses jojoba and argan oils to coat, protect, and add natural shine to your facial hair. If your beard is a little longer than average after 2 months, this is a great time to start using beard oil. But a little goes a long way. It only takes a drop or two to cover your entire beard. Less is more; you don’t want to be dripping oil from your beard.


When Your Mustache and Beard Don’t Connect

Even after 2 months of growth, many men notice that their mustache and beard don’t connect. This can be frustrating - and lead you to doubt the entire project of growing a beard. Instead of just shaving it off and giving up, you can try other ways to style your facial hair differently and wait out the process.

A word of caution - there are lots of unproven methods guys use when their mustache and beard don’t connect. And while you may get excited about anecdotal evidence and supposed before and after pictures, the truth is this: your genetics play a major role in hair growth. 

Dermarollers, minoxidil, essential oils, and vitamin supplements cannot create new hair follicles on your face where none exist. So while there are ways to promote growth and perhaps boost how fast your facial hair grows, that’s not the same as making your mustache and beard connect. 


Styling Your Mustache and Beard to Make Them Connect

The best way to manage a mustache and beard that don’t connect is to adjust how you style your facial hair. For example, growing out your mustache a bit can make up for a lack of hair growth on the sides of your mouth.

Instead of stressing about how your mustache and beard don’t connect, embrace your unique beard style. Not every man grows facial hair in exactly the same way, especially early in the process. Your 2 month beard is not the end phase of your beard journey (unless you want it to be). Having a disconnected or patchy beard doesn’t make you any less masculine than a guy with a thick lumberjack beard.


Look Great with Your 2 Month Beard

Every man with a thick, full beard has experienced the 2 month beard phase at some point. It’s part of life, part of growing facial hair, and part of being a man with a beard. So embrace it! 

One way to appreciate the process is taking photos and comparing your 2 month vs 3 month beard. You’ll see how far you’ve come - and hopefully enjoy the journey as well!

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