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Clean Shave Benefits - Why You Might Consider Shaving Your Beard

Clean Shave Benefits - Why You Might Consider Shaving Your Beard

You have so many options when it comes to your facial hair style. You can be clean shaven, got for some subtle stubble, grow a mustache or goatee, or go full beard. Each style says something a little different about you and projects its own unique message to the people around you. 

Even though it takes some time and effort to grow a beard, you can always adjust your facial hair if you want to try something new. If you’ve been rocking a beard, mustache, or goatee for a while, you may not even be aware of the many clean shave benefits. 

Is it time to shave your beard and go for a smoother look after years of having thick facial hair?

Before you decide, consider beard vs clean shave differences that may affect you and the benefits of shaving more or less often.


Beard Vs. Clean Shave 

The main difference between having a beard or being clean shaven is how it looks. A beard tends to give off a more masculine and potentially strong or even intimidating appearance. One study found that people perceive men with beards as less generous, caring, and cheerful than guys without facial hair.

That’s not to say that a beard is off putting in any way. But clean shave benefits include that you tend to come off a bit less aggressive and nicer (even if it’s not true personality-wise).

If you’re considering the beard vs. clean shave differences and trying to decide which is right for you, think about these factors:


Both Require Lots of Upkeep

Regardless of whether you choose a beard or to be clean shaven, both options require a lot of time and energy to look great. If you have a beard, you have to keep it clean, brush out debris, and apply natural beard oil regularly for the best texture and shine. 

But if you’re clean shaven, that requires daily shaving and the right techniques to prevent shave irritation (more on that later). You’ll also need to invest in quality shave products for men - like a natural men’s shave cream and an alcohol-free aftershave.

Depending on whether you keep your beard or shave it off, you’ll need different grooming tools. A beard trimmer, comb, and scissors are essential for keeping your beard neat and trimmed at all times. But for the facial hair-free look, you’ll need razors too.

Shave cream and aftershave next to a razor and a towel.


Beards Can Get Messy

The reality of having hair all over you face is that things are going to get messy from time to time. There are some foods and drinks - like soups, ribs, and anything with a lot of sauce - that are almost guaranteed to get stuck up in your facial hair. 

That’s OK - but if we’re talking beard vs. clean shave and some key clean shave benefits, it’s definitely easier to eat whatever you want without worrying about making a mess if you don’t have a beard.


Benefits of Shaving More or Less Often

If you have sensitive skin or tend to experience shave irritation, there are clear benefits to shaving less often. You’ll experience reduced irritation - you can’t get shave bumps or shave burn if you’re not shaving.

That doesn’t mean that shaving is all bad. Guys often wonder is it bad to shave everyday and how often should I shave. This varies from person to person depending on factors like how fast your facial hair grows, if you want or need to have totally smooth skin, and how sensitive your skin is.

Another of the clean shave benefits is that shaving exfoliates your skin. As your skin renews itself, dead skin cells accumulate on the surface. These can dull your appearance and clog your pores. But when you shave, you remove some of that outermost layer. This reveals the brighter, newer skin below.

Regardless of where you fall on the beard vs clean shave debate, there are very real clean shave benefits. Exfoliating regularly is great for your skin. 

If you choose to shave, use our Renewing Face Scrub beforehand to soften your whiskers, unclog your pores, and prevent shave irritation. If you have a beard, use our natural face scrub for men every 2-3 days to exfoliate the skin beneath your facial hair and thus prevent blemishes, flakes, and other skin issues.


Is It Bad to Shave Everyday?

That depends. Ask yourself these two important questions:

  • Does my skin tend to get irritated after shaving?
  • Do I need to always be clean shaven for any reason? 

If you answered yes to the first, it’s better for you not to shave everyday. Shaving every other day can still keep you looking mostly clean shaven while reducing your risk of dealing with shave irritation and ingrown hairs

If you answered no and you don’t have sensitive skin, there’s no problem with shaving daily.

Of course, if you answered yes to the second question and being clean shaven is important for you, you don’t have much of an option. But even guys with sensitive skin can shave daily without irritating their skin. These tips will help.


How to Shave Without Irritating Your Skin

Follow these steps to get a smooth, comfortable shave without razor burn or shave irritation afterwards.


Open Pores

Use warm water or a hot towel to open your pores and soften your facial hair before shaving. You could also opt to shave while you’re in the shower. 



Exfoliate before you shave with our Renewing Face Scrub to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, and draw facial hair up and away from the skin’s surface. Its scrubbing particles are gentle and natural - jojoba beads and pumice - so they won’t scratch or irritate your skin. Our formula is also hydrating, soothing and energizing with avocado butter, vitamin E, coffee extract, and green tea.

Renewing Face Scrub - Shop Now


Apply Shave Cream

Use our Smooth Brushless Shave Cream - made with rich, hydrating ingredients - instead of shave foam that does little to protect your skin from irritation. The tiny air bubbles in foaming products do almost nothing to lubricate your skin and protect it from razor burn. Our lotion-like shave cream, on the other hand, is 99% natural with glycerin, jojoba, and aloe vera.

Smooth Brushless Shave Cream - Shop Now


Go with the Growth 

Shave with the growth of your hair. While it might seem that you get a closer shave going against the grain, you’re actually putting yourself at greater risk for ingrown hairs. Cutting with the grain ensures that your facial hair grows properly and doesn’t get stuck within the hair follicles.


Be Gentle

Do not tug at your skin or pull it tight while shaving. Just like shaving with the grain, this prevents a variety of common shave irritation - like razor burn and ingrown hairs. The slight benefit of getting a closer shave is not worth causing ingrown hairs. 


Clean Your Blade Often

Rinse your razor with warm water after each stroke. This gets your shave cream, shaved hairs, and other debris out. The result is a smoother shave with a sharper blade. Leaving all of that debris on and between your blade dulls its effect and makes it more likely you’ll put pressure on your skin - which leads to irritation.


Rinse and Dry

When done shaving, rinse the entire area thoroughly with cool water. This gets rid of any debris left behind after your shave and helps prevent your pores from getting clogged. Once you’re all rinsed off, pat your skin dry gently with a clean towel. Don’t rub at your skin to dry it - that’s too rough. 


Use Aftershave

Finish by applying our Instant Relief Aftershave. Its alcohol-free formula won’t dry or sting your skin and is packed with soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. Menthol, alcohol, and other harsh ingredients might feel like they’re doing something because they burn your skin. But that’s not a good thing. Our formula prevents bacterial growth without the painful irritation of alcohol. 

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How Often Should I Shave?

Clearly, the answer all depends on your needs and personal style. There’s no hard and fast rule about how often you should shave. So consider the beard vs clean shaven pros and cons. Decide what’s right for you - and go with it! 

Of course, you can always change your style later if you want. Regardless of whether you choose to wear a beard or enjoy the man clean shave benefits, make sure you’re using the best natural grooming products for men to treat your skin right.

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