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Going Beardless - How to Shave Off Your Beard

Man shaving beard

Beards have become ubiquitous. Some barbers estimate that 1 in 5 of their clients have some kind of facial hair. So beard style is definitely not on the fringes any more. The world of men’s grooming is dominated with all kinds of creative facial hair. 

But what if you’re sick of it? What if it’s time to ditch the beard?

A clean slate can be an exciting change. Especially if you’ve been rocking a beard for a while now. Remember, it’s going to be a shock for everyone around you. Prepare for comments and criticism from friends, family, co-workers, and the like. 

Things will be worse if you don’t prepare yourself mentally for all of that. But you need to prepare physically too.

Use this guide to make the process of going beardless a little easier. 


Step 1 - Prepare Your Skin

The Grooming Manual often mentions the importance of keeping skin properly hydrated. If you aren’t doing this while you still have your beard, your skin is going to be in trouble. So - for at least one week before you shave it all off - you need to be using face moisturizer for men. This will prepare your skin for the massive change that’s about to come.

Another pro tip: Start using beard oil. Again, this needs to happen at least one week before the big day. Beard oil will soften your bristles and moisturize your skin. That will make shaving much easier than if everything were just a matted mess.


Step 2 - Trim

This is critical if you have a longer beard. You need to trim down as much hair as possible before you get out your razor. Use scissors or clippers - whatever works best for you.


Step 3 - Open Up Your Pores

A nice hot shower will do the trick. Use face wash for men to clean dirt and any other residue off your face. Since your skin is going to be extra sensitive and you want the best shave possible, use face scrub for men too. You can do this right in the shower after you use your face wash. 

Scrub is critical because it removes dead skin cells. Exfoliating all over the shave area will loosen up your hair. It also opens the pores, preparing your face for the ideal experience.


Step 4 - Shave It All Off

After cleansing and exfoliating, your face is as ready as ever for a good shave. Apply a lotion-based shave cream for men. The soothing lotion will moisturize your skin. It also creates a natural barrier between the blade and your skin.

Remember, your skin is very sensitive. It’s been hiding under a beard for a long time now.The moment of truth. Are you ready? Make sure you’re using a quality razor.

The Grooming Manual always recommends the best men’s grooming tools. So use a safety razor instead of an electric or cartridge razor. You’ll get a closer, smoother shave.


Step 5 - Soothe Your Sensitive Skin

Your shave went as smooth as possible. But most guys will have a little discomfort. It’s totally normal on that first shave. That’s why it’s so important to follow up with a natural aftershave. You need to soothe your skin and prevent redness and irritation. 

Make sure you are using an organic aftershave balm that does not contain alcohol or menthol. Those ingredients - common in most drugstore shave products - are no good for your skin. They will irritate your sensitive face and lead to all kinds of discomfort.


Bonus: Everyday Maintenance

That first shave is a big deal. But your skincare for men routine can’t end there. Keep up your men’s grooming game by using a face wash for men every day and night. That will ensure that your freshly shaved face doesn’t become inflamed or irritated. Always follow up with face moisturizer for men. Your freshly shaven face needs love and attention - and lots of moisture.

Shaving off your beard is a big change. Make sure it goes smoothly by using the best men’s grooming products. With a little preparation and attention to detail, your transformation will be a total success. 

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