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Are You Nailing These Subtle Details of Men's Grooming?

Man applying eye cream

Men's grooming is not a fireworks display. It's about slight tweaks that make a big, yet subtle difference. You look great. And everyone knows it. But most people can't pick out the reason why. 

That's success. Looking your best without looking like you're even trying. 

Are you nailing this game of subtle men's grooming? Or are you missing out on these critical points? Check yourself on a few of the essential details of skincare for men.



You don't need to make your eyes pop with guy liner. But puffy, ugly bags under your eyes are no good. Neither are dark circles. What can you do? 

Use the best eye cream for men. Not some greasy goop that will leave you shiny and oily. Reach instead for a quick-absorbing, lightweight men's eye cream

The problem is that the skin around your eyes is super thin. As you age, things get worse. Fluid collects under that thin layer of skin. Blood doesn't circulate well in this tight space. And you get bags and dark circles that make you look 10 years older than you are. 

Eye cream for men fixes this. Just apply a small amount before bed and in the morning. It will absorb so fast that the people around you will be none the wiser. No one has to know - not even if they're sleeping in bed beside you.

But rest assured - you're going to impress everyone. Not because of some shocking change. It's subtler than that. Your brighter, more youthful eyes will become something no one can resist - or look away from.


Shave Irritation

Bumps and ingrown hairs. They're bad news. You need to step up your shave routine for men to keep a smooth, well groomed look. What can you do?

Ditch the foaming shave junk. Foams and lathers don't hydrate or protect your skin. They create a thin, useless layer of air between your razor and your face. Beyond that, many contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that dry out your skin. 

Instead, choose a natural shave cream for men with a lotion base. Non-lathering shave cream for men will moisturizer and protect your skin as you shave. 

Follow up with organic aftershave and you'll never want to go back. You'll feel better and won't suffer from itchy, red, uncomfortable skin after each shave. 

You're not the only one that will notice a difference. A smooth, clean shave area makes you look professional, well-groomed, and confident. It might not seem like a major change. But the difference between irritated, bumpy skin and a smooth, clean shave area is huge.



Cracked, dry hands are an instant turn off. They're tough and scratchy.  

Think nobody notices? Oh yes, they definitely do.

Women notice. They don't want to be caressed by scratchy, rough hands. 

Your boss notices. Your clients do too. The moment you shake their hands, all of the attention gets sucked away from you and your pitch. It goes straight to your hands. And it's not the kind of attention you want.

Reality check: Your gross hands are not winning you favors with anyone.

Use natural hand cream for men to heal and protect your hands. It's fast absorbing and lightweight. So you don't need to worry about walking around all day with slimy, oily hands. Stay away from drugstore creams packed full of harsh chemicals and artificial scents. 

Sure, your hands are not the most attention grabbing part of your look. And you don't want them to be. You just need to be sure that - your men's grooming efforts will make your hands look and feel their best.


Subtle Style Is Best 

Use your men's grooming routine to earn the right kind of attention. Use subtle touches to massively upgrade your look.

Those subtle touches will move you up from typical guy to standout gentleman. 

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