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A Closer Look at Hand Grooming

Man squeezing hand cream into his hand

What do your hands say about you? More than you think.

Having well groomed hands is important in the business world. Think of a rough, scratchy hand shake. Doesn’t inspire confidence or respect, does it?

Your hands are important for your personal life too. You want your partner to welcome your touch, not shy away from it because of how unkempt and rough your hands are.

Already making skincare for men a priority? Excellent. To present your best self to the world everyday, make sure your men’s grooming routine is up to snuff too. That includes how your treat and groom your hands, and sometimes your feet too, with a pedicure for men.

Take a closer look at hand grooming for men. Apply these tips to make sure you look your best and that your hands aren't detracting from your image.


Nail Care

No shocker here - you’ve got to keep your nails well-trimmed. That means clipping them about once a week. Cut them after showering for the best results. Your nails will be softer and easier to deal with.

Be careful not to trim down too low. Rest your nail clippers on your finger tip and don’t push down in towards your nail. That will prevent an overly zealous trim that ends up causing irritation.

As you clip, follow your nail’s natural curve. You don’t have to even out your nail shape perfectly. To do that, smooth out the edges with a nail file. The goal here isn’t to create a soft, feminine look. Rather, use your nail file to give your nails a slightly rounded shape without any jagged edges that can cause trouble.

Your cuticles - the tissue that connects your nails to your fingers - need some attention too. Push them pack to prevent fraying or a scratchy texture on your nail. Keep them hydrated with the best hand cream for men. That will save you from getting them caught or ripped. Because bloody, torn cuticles are never a good look.


Smooth, Strong Hands

Think rough, scratchy hands are a sign of masculinity? Time to update that stereotype. Smooth, strong, well-hydrated hands are the essential style of a modern gentleman.

You don’t have to adopt some multi-step regimen to take care of your hands. Just keep them hydrated with the best natural hand cream for men. Apply it whenever you notice your hands are getting dry or cracked. This is especially important during the winter or if you live in an area with a dry climate.

Did you know that your soap may be causing your dry, irritated hands? Harsh detergents and alcohol - often found in traditional soaps - cause severe drying and leave your hands dehydrated.

You may not be able to change the soap available at the office, but you should definitely upgrade your soap at home. Use a gentle soap in the shower - like a natural body wash for men or a gentle all in one wash for men. Choose a product without strong detergents. That way you clean your hands without stripping away moisture.


Protect Your Hands

Are you using sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage? Excellent.

But are you applying it to your hands as well? Make sure you keep your hands safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays whenever you will be outside for 30 minutes or longer.


Easy and Essential Hand Grooming

Improve your approach to men’s grooming by taking care of your hands and nails. Use a natural hand cream for men to keep them hydrated and smooth. Spend a few minutes each week trimming and caring for your nails. You’ll make a better first impression with each hand shake.

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