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How to Buy a Men’s Soap Bar

Man using bar soap in shower

Seems like a no brainer, right? Walk into your local drug store, drop $10 and get yourself some soap. If you’re doing this, you’re missing out on a better shower experience. What should you look for in a men’s soap? Learn the top three considerations you should think of when buying the best soap for men for your body.



The best soap bar for men can accomplish quite a few things: cleanse, moisturize, or exfoliate. Take a minute to think about your skin and what you're trying to accomplish in the shower:

Is it often dry or irritated after you shower or does it feel hydrated? Look into using a natural soap for men as often the chemicals used in drugstore brand soaps highly irritate the skin.

If you’re looking to have smoother, more hydrated skin, opt for natural men’s soaps with these ingredients: aloe, coconut oil, shea butter, or palm oil. The best moisturizing soap for men will use one or more of these natural moisturizers, leaving your skin feeling smooth, not itchy, flaky or dry.

Do you have a lot of rough patches of skin or skin build up on certain parts of your body? Use an exfoliating soap for men filled with ground peppermint leaves, pumice, or another finely ground natural exfoliator.



The best smelling bar soap for men depends on your desired scent profile. Most soaps end up making you smell like a floral room deodorizer. Clean, fresh scents such as peppermint, eucalyptus or tea tree oil will have people complimenting on your new aroma.


 Using It Appropriately:

Soap should never be used on a man’s face. Soap contains ingredients that do not react well with the skin on the face and can cause irritation, dryness, and sensitivity. All of which, that lead to aging and looking weathered. Use a natural face wash for men on your face that has been built for your specific skin type.

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