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10 Ways to Take Showering from Mundane to Luxurious

10 Ways to Take Showering from Mundane to Luxurious

Yes, showering is an everyday task that doesn’t seem especially exciting or glamorous. You lather up, scrub down, rinse away, and dry off. Not much to it.

But like so many things in life, there’s opportunity to improve the process and take your shower routine from mundane to downright luxurious. And don’t you deserve that?

We think so. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 10 ways to upgrade your shower experience and make this simple part of your day a next level pleasure.


1 - Upgrade Your Shower Head(s)

Basic shower heads aren’t great. They spurt an unsteady stream of water that isn’t much better than rinsing off with a hose. But a luxurious shower head - or combination of several - can make it feel like you’re having a spa-level experience at home. Here are some of your options:


Rain Shower Head

These extra large shower heads are typically mounted on the ceiling and spray large volumes of water straight down or at a slight angle. They make it feel like you’re bathing under a rainstorm or waterfall. It makes for an undeniably soothing and enjoyable time in the shower.


Multi Stream Shower Head

Sometimes you want high pressure, other times you want a soft, gentle stream of water. You can have both with a multi stream shower head that allows for different levels of water pressure. The variety lets you tailor each shower to your whim. Talk about luxury!

Most multi stream shower heads can be twisted to adjust the nozzle. That alters the pressure, direction of the spray, and the intensity of the water.


Handheld Shower Head

You can choose from a handheld shower head that hooks at the top of the wall as a dual purpose shower head or a stand alone handheld option. You can really rinse off every inch of yourself with a handheld shower head.


Combine Shower Heads for the Best Experience

Why choose just one? If you’ve got ample space for it, go with a ceiling mounted rain style shower head, a traditional angled shower head, and a third handheld option attached to the wall with a kink-free hose. 

What if you don’t have quite so much space? There are lots of options for dual shower heads that combine two styles in one hardware installation. 

The point is, don’t settle for basic. It’s easy to install a new shower head and drastically upgrade this part of everyday life.


2 - Steam Eucalyptus in the Shower

For a truly spa-like experience every time you clean off in the shower, add a few sprigs of eucalyptus. This aromatic plant smells great and can even help with nasal congestion, sinus inflammation, and other upper respiratory irritations. 

To get the full benefits, all you need is a few pieces of eucalyptus that you can buy at a florist - or probably even your local grocery store. Tie them together with string or a rubber band. Then attach the sprigs to your shower head - but not directly in the stream of water. Just above the shower head is ideal.

As your shower runs, the steam from the hot water will release the essential oil from the plant and fill your shower with its pleasant smell. You can trust us - it smells great. That’s why eucalyptus essential oil is part of one of the scents we use in many Brickell products.


3 - Sip on a Beer in the Shower

The shower beer is a trend that pops back into public consciousness from time to time. And with good reason - it’s downright fantastic. Drinking an ice cold beer while you get clean in the steamy shower has been proven to offer several benefits, including:

  • Releases dopamine
  • Supports relaxation
  • Sparks creative thinking

Keep in mind that alcohol is a depressant and too many beers would start to have an adverse effect. But sip on one and you’re going to have a great time in the shower. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing - perhaps just a special gift to yourself on especially long days when you can’t wait to get into the shower to rinse off the day.

To really take this to the next level, invest in a suction cup beer holder that attaches to the shower wall. That way you have somewhere to rest your can or bottle while you clean up. 


4 - Invest in Quality Shower Tools

You’d be ashamed to have messy, dirty, half-working tools in your toolbox, right? So why are you settling for old washcloths, scratchy loofahs, and potentially bacteria-ridden brushes in the shower? 

You deserve better, so we recommend investing in shower tools that look and feel luxurious. It makes your shower more aesthetically pleasing, helps you clean off better, and turns showering into something you can actually enjoy. Here are a few examples.


Natural Loofah or Sponge

Instead of getting a cheap plastic puff, try a natural loofah or sponge. They exfoliate your skin as you use them, so you get an extra bonus. Just be sure to change them out often and allow them to dry completely - which means not leaving them in the damp shower. That prevents the growth of bacteria. 


Back Brush

These helpful tools let you scrub your back, exfoliating and cleansing some hard to reach places. To keep up the luxurious look and feel you’re going for in the shower, choose a brush with a real wood handle and natural, firm bristle.


Shave Station

Shaving in the shower saves time and just makes sense. The hot water and steam loosen up your bristles and pores, allowing for a close shave with minimal irritation. But instead of fumbling around with your razor, create a shave station in the shower. You can do this with a suction cup shelf or a hanging organizer that holds your razor, shave cream, and other tools.


5 - Use High Quality Shower Products 

The body wash, shampoo, and other grooming products you use all have a major effect on how much you enjoy your shower. Harsh ingredients, synthetic scents, and slimy formulas don’t smell or feel good. They dry out your skin and can cause irritation for guys with sensitive skin. 


Body Wash

When it comes to body wash, you want a gentle formula that won’t strip away all your skin’s natural oils and moisture. Our Invigorating Body Wash - available in three natural scents - cleanses and hydrates your skin without any greasy feel, irritation, or residue. 


Hair Care Products

Thinning hair is a major concern for most men as they get older. While you can’t change your genetics, you can strengthen and thicken the hair you have with the right hair care products. 

Our Daily Strengthening Shampoo is made with hydrolyzed proteins that add volume and thicken your hair strands. Its natural formula cleanses your hair and scalp, but not so harshly as to remove the oils that keep it moisturized. 

Your hair will really appreciate a conditioner that soothes and hydrated your scalp. This promotes healthy hair growth and prevents dryness and flakes. Our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner - made with aloe vera, borage oil, and avocado oil  - adds shine, moisture, and volume for visibly healthy hair. 


Control Dandruff 

Those pesky white flakes are the worst. To get dandruff under control while keeping your hair strong and healthy, use our Relieving Dandruff Shampoo. Its formula ditches the coal tar and harsh chemicals of most dandruff shampoos for natural ingredients, the standout of which is Ziziphus Joazeiro bark extract.


Exfoliate in the Shower 

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the outermost layer of your skin. It’s a gentle scrubbing motion that feels great and leaves your skin looking fresh, bright, and naturally radiant. 

Sounds like exactly the results you want from a luxurious shower, right? Get it with our two shower exfoliation products:


6 - Play Relaxing Music While You Shower 

Part of the luxurious spa experience is the ambience of the space. You can easily replicate that with a waterproof shower speaker playing relaxing music.

There are tons of options here. Set up a permanent speaker in your bathroom that connects with others throughout your home. Or you can opt for an in-shower speaker that hangs from the shower head. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s loud and clear enough to hear over the water - but without becoming harsh or crackly. 


7 - Relaxing Bathroom Lighting

Intensely bright light is not ideal when you want to enjoy a relaxing shower. Something softer will better fit the mood you’re trying to create. 

Customizable LED smart lights - both bulbs and strips - make it easy to craft the perfect lighting ambience for your shower. You can change the color scheme of your lighting to fit your mood. Between the relaxing music, aromatic eucalyptus, and soft lighting, your time in the shower will always be pleasant.


8 - Get a Better Shower Mat 

You don’t want to step straight out of the shower and onto the cold tile floor. A shower mat is a (literally) soft transition from the shower back into real life. 

But a gross, dirty, worn out mat or towel makes for a decidedly unpleasant finish to an otherwise enjoyable shower. So upgrade the last step of your shower with a better mat. 

You have some options here, depending on the design and decor of your bathroom. A soft, plush mat feels great on your feet. Just be sure to clean it regularly - otherwise it can become a dank, damp home for endless bacteria. 

Want to try something a little different and more reminiscent of the spa experience? Go with a wood shower mat. Many are made from sustainably sourced woods such as bamboo. These mats add a unique texture to your bathroom and are easy to clean. 


9 - Dry Off with a Plush Towel 

After you’ve cleaned up with spa level shower tools and rinsed off under multiple shower heads while breathing in aromatic eucalyptus, please don’t ruin the experience by using an old, scratchy towel. Low quality towels that are too small or too itchy take away from the otherwise great shower experience. 

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get upgraded towels. But it is worth spending more than the bargain bin. High thread count cotton towels, fast drying waffle knit towels, and other beyond-basics options take your shower from dull to delightful. 


10 - Store Everything Smarter 

Where are you going to keep all your fancy shower tools and products? If you don’t have built in shelves or storage in your shower, consider a shower rack that’s free standing, a shower head organizer, or a similar shower rack. 

Beware of cheap plastic shower organizers that can crack and dull with time. Another warning: while popular, caddies that hang over the shower head aren’t great. They don’t look good - and worse, they tend to keep your soap and shower products damp long after you’ve stepped out and dried off.

Ideally, go with a shower organization system that looks nice, fits your bathroom decor, and allows everything to dry out completely between uses. Avoid trays and shelves with no drainage - the pooling water invites bacteria and keeps the room damp for too long.


Taking a Shower Can Be the Best Part of Your Day

Yes, showering is a basic daily necessity. But it can be a routine pleasure if you use these 10 tips to improve this part of your everyday grooming.

Not ready to overhaul your shower by installing new shower heads or shelving? That’s OK - just adopt the suggestions that are right for you and easiest to make happen right now. Enjoy the benefits!

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