Complete Guide to Your Best Sellers Sample Kit

Complete Guide to Your Best Sellers Sample Kit

Thanks again for trusting us with your skin and ordering your Best Sellers Sample Kit. This guide will help you understand everything you need to know to get the most out of each product in the kit, including:

  • The purpose of each product
  • The key ingredients used in each product
  • How to use the products correctly
  • How to combine multiple products into an effective skincare routine

Whether you’re new to skincare entirely or just new to Brickell, we hope you enjoy using all your samples and discover something new that helps you look and feel your best.


Helpful Information About Your Sample Kit

Based on feedback from customers and our most frequently asked questions about the Best Sellers Sample Kit, you'll have the best experience if you keep these details in mind as you use your samples.


A Little Goes a Long Way

Most guys are able to use each of their samples several times. That helps you get a good feel of how your skin reacts to the products and which would be best to add to your regular skincare routine. 

All of our products are made with high quality natural and organic ingredients with zero fillers or synthetics - so you don’t need to use much to see results. And we skip the flashy, untested ingredients; instead of trend-chasing, we prefer to go with clinically proven ingredients you can trust.


Why Are There Two Different Face Washes in the Kit?

Your kit includes our Clarifying Gel Face Wash and our Purifying Charcoal Face Wash. The former is designed for normal to oily skin, while the latter is best for dry and sensitive skin. We recommend you use both, notice how your skin feels after each, and then determine which would be best for your skin overall. 

Not sure whether you have normal, oily, dry, or sensitive skin? No problem - we’ve got a guide to skin types that will help you figure it out. 

Clarifying Gel Face Wash - Shop NowPurifying Charcoal Face Wash - Shop Now

How Soon Will I See Results from Anti-Aging Products?

Our anti-aging products are designed to have both immediate and long term benefits. This applies to the Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream and Restoring Eye Cream in your sample kit. So while you might not see the cumulative results of continued use from your deluxe samples, we’re sure the immediate results will help you determine whether or not these products are right for you.

Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream - Shop NowRestoring Eye Cream - Shop Now

Get to Know the Products in Your Sample Kit

Here are some basic details about each of the products in your kit - including what it does for your skin, the key ingredients in its natural formula, and how to use it for the best results. 


Clarifying Gel Face Wash

  • What It Does - This rich, foaming gel face cleanser washes away oil, dirt, and bacteria for fresh, clean, renewed skin.
  • Key ingredients - Coconut-based cleaners, aloe, geranium
  • How to Use It - Wet your face with warm water. Pour a quarter-size amount of men’s face wash into your hand and rub to activate the formula. Apply it gently to your face, then rinse with cool water.
  • Why Guys Love It - “Keeps my skin feeling fresh and clean without the tight feeling that other face washes do. I really like the organic ingredients without any extra chemicals.” - David P., Verified Buyer


Purifying Charcoal Face Wash

  • What It Does - It gently cleans the pores of dirt, bacteria, and other facial irritants without over-drying or stripping away all oil.
  • Key ingredients - Activated charcoal, olive oil, jojoba, aloe
  • How to Use It - Wet your face with warm water. Pour a quarter-size amount of men’s face wash into your hand and rub to activate the formula. Apply it gently to your face, then rinse with cool water.
  • Why Guys Love It - “I've been using the charcoal face wash for a few weeks and it's the best face wash I've ever tried. I have very sensitive skin so finding a cleanser that works for me has been a challenge. It's gentle, smells great, and works just as I'd hoped. Will definitely buy again.” - Brian K., Verified Buyer


Renewing Face Scrub

  • What It Does - This exfoliating scrub sloughs away oil, dead skin, and other face impurities to restore a clear complexion.
  • Key ingredients - Jojoba beads, pumice, aloe, avocado butter, vitamin E, coffee extract, green tea
  • How to Use It - Apply a quarter-size amount of face scrub for men onto your face, rubbing in a gentle circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • Why Guys Love It - “I use the scrub about twice a week and every time I shave on my facial hair. When I use it on my facial hair area it softens the coarse hairs and makes for an easier shave. And when used all around I see a noticeable change in my complexion and have brighter/clearer skin. It doesn't feel like it strips too much either. A staple in my weekly routine.” - Santiago R., Verified Buyer


Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

  • What It Does - Our light, fast-absorbing, oil-free moisturizer hydrates, nourishes, renews, and protects your face - all without clogging pores.
  • Key ingredients - Aloe, jojoba, hyaluronic acid, green tea
  • How to Use It - Massage a nickel-size amount onto your skin, including your entire face and neck. Use just enough to cover your skin thoroughly without leaving any excess. 
  • Why Guys Love It - “Just a great moisturizer on all levels. This is my favorite Brickell product. Light enough but not too light. Smells good. Leaves my skin in the best shape.” - John F., Verified Buyer


Revitalizing Anti-Aging Cream

  • What It Does - Our clinically proven formula reduces wrinkles, firms, and hydrates your skin to mitigate signs of aging.
  • Key ingredients - DMAE (dimethylethanolamine), MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), hyaluronic acid
  • How to Use It - Massage a nickel-size amount of anti-aging cream onto your face, especially targeting your forehead, the area around your eyes, and any other wrinkle-prone spots.
  • Why Guys Love It - “Love this cream so much. And don’t let the size fool you - it lasts a very long time! It tightens up the skin almost instantly after application and is not greasy at all.” - Eric H., Verified Buyer


Restoring Eye Cream

  • What It Does - It brightens and rejuvenates the sensitive skin around the eyes, giving you a brighter, younger, and healthier look.
  • Key ingredients - Matrixyl 3000 peptide blend, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), hyaluronic acid, caffeine
  • How to Use It - Use the tip of your index finger to apply a pea-size amount of under eye cream for men below and around each eye, including the upper cheekbone.
  • Why Guys Love It - “I love this under eye cream. Helps keep my bags and dark circles away. Really noticeable difference within a few weeks of using the cream.” - Chris, Verified Buyer


Daily Strengthening Shampoo

  • What It Does - Its rich lather delivers nourishing ingredients to your hair that leave it looking fuller and thicker with a healthy, natural shine.
  • Key ingredients - Hydrolyzed wheat protein, amino acids, vitamin E, peppermint and tea tree oil
  • How to Use It - Apply a quarter-size amount of our hair thickening shampoo for men (or more depending on hair length) to wet hair and massage into a rich lather to cleanse your hair and scalp. Rinse well and repeat if necessary.
  • Why Guys Love It - “Great shampoo. Lathers nicely, smells amazing, and just a little goes a long way - even with thicker longer hair.” - Raymond A., Verified Buyer


Invigorating Body Wash

  • What It Does - Our natural body wash deeply cleanses your skin of oil, sweat, and dirt without stripping essential moisture.
  • Key ingredients - Glycerin, jojoba, aloe
  • How to Use It - Apply to wet skin. Rinse off completely. Use a netted sponge or washcloth for maximum lather.
  • Why Guys Love It - “I work on cars and my yard often. Needless to say I get dirty on a regular basis. This stuff cuts through the dirt and grime, lathers up great and leaves me feeling and smelling like I've never picked up a wrench. Well done.” - Kyle W., Verified Buyer


How to Combine Your Products to Create an Effective Skincare Routine

One of the most common questions we get from guys new to skincare is how to use our products together to get the best results. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do - even with the products that came in your sample kit. 


Morning Face Care Routine

  • Total Time: 5 minutes or less
  • Benefits: Helps you start the day with fresh, clean, and bright skin. Prevents skin dehydration, supports your skin’s natural barrier, and ensures you have full, smooth skin all day long.
Daily Advanced Face Care Routine - Shop Now
  • Step 3 - Every time you wash and/or exfoliate your face, finish by sealing in moisture and keeping your skin smooth with our Daily Essential Face Moisturizer.


Evening Anti-Aging Routine

  • Total Time: 5 minutes or less
  • Benefits: Remove accumulated dirt and oil from your face. Supports your skin’s overnight regeneration by supplying collagen boosting, wrinkle fighting nutrients.
Ultimate Anti-Aging Routine - Shop Now
  • Step 3 - Prevent dark circles, crow’s feet, and puffiness under and around your eyes with our Restoring Eye Cream.


You’ve Tried the Samples… Now What?

First of all, enjoy your samples! We’re extremely proud of our natural & organic products and we’re thrilled you’ve taken the time to try them for yourself. We hope you enjoy the experience of using them - and the impressive results they bring. Our products are made with high quality ingredients and no fillers - so a little goes a long way. 

Take your time top get to know our products - no rush! We’ll be in touch soon with more helpful skincare & grooming tips, a reminder to use your discount offer if you haven’t already, and more benefits as a thank you for trying our sample kit. 

Man smiling in front of sample products.