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What Makes Skin Wrinkle? (And How to Slow Down the Process)

What Makes Skin Wrinkle? (And How to Slow Down the Process)

Take a good look in the mirror. See any wrinkles?

Probably. There are several factors that contribute to the formation of wrinkles, fine lines, crows’ feet, and saggy, droopy skin.

If you’re in your 20’s, you might think that this is nothing to worry about. After all, you’re young and invincible, right?

In your 30’s, this stuff starts getting real. Wrinkles appear. And you start realizing you should step up your men’s grooming game.

Once you hit 40, it’s a given that wrinkles are setting in.

What makes this happen? Why do some guys stay wrinkle-free while others get aged, leathery skin so early? And what can you do to slow down the aging process?


Three Major Contributors to Wrinkles

  • Intrinsic Aging
  • Environmental Factors
  • Lifestyle

Once you know how these affect you, you can make smart choices that will prevent wrinkles and keep you looking your best for years to come.


1 - Intrinsic Aging

Regardless of what you do, your skin will naturally become thinner and more prone to wrinkles as you age. This process is called intrinsic aging - and it’s impossible to stop.

The proteins that keep your skin youthful and wrinkle-free - collagen and elastin - are produced by your body. Starting in your 20’s, production slows down by 1% each year. This stays consistent for most men throughout the rest of your lives. Do the math - by age 30 you could have 10% less collagen than you did at age 20. That means your skin gets stretchier, thinner, and weaker.


2 - Environmental Factors

The world around you can do a number on your skin because of sun exposure and UV radiation. If you work outside, live in a tropical area, or like to spend lots of time in the great outdoors, you are at risk for early onset wrinkles. 

Things are worse if you get sunburned often. This process damages the skin at the cellular level. Plus, it can lead to all kinds of problems - from wrinkles and blemishes to skin cancer.


3 - Lifestyle

Your everyday habits definitely affect your skin. Smokers, be warned: you are much more likely to see wrinkles early in life. Tobacco use stains and damages the skin, leading to advanced signs of aging.

Bad sleep habits also contribute to the formation of wrinkles. There are all kinds of benefits to sleeping 6-8 hours each night. You'll see increased productivity and improved mood. Your skin will also thank you. 

You are what you eat. A balanced diet keeps your body healthy - and in turn promotes healthy, wrinkle-free skin. Adding vegetables and fruits to your diet is critical. Without the vitamins and minerals in healthy foods, your body can't produce enough collagen to keep skin as healthy as possible.


How to Slow Down the Aging Process

Aging is inevitable, but early onset wrinkles don’t have to be. Use these tips to fight back against the aging process, regardless of your current age or circumstances.


Use Quality Men’s Grooming Products

This might seem like a no brainer, but many guys still don’t take skincare for men seriously. It’s a shame, because good grooming habits make a big difference. Use face wash for men twice daily. Add a face moisturizer for men to your daily routine. And exfoliate with face scrub for men at least once a week. If you’re already seeing signs of aging, you should start using an anti-aging cream for men too.


Always Apply Sunscreen

This may be the #1 easiest way to prevent wrinkles that guys just refuse to adopt. Always apply sunscreen - at least SPF 15 - when you will be in the sun for 30 minutes or more. It only takes a minute to put on and will make a huge difference in your skin’s health for years to come. Choose an SPF face moisturizer for men to get sun protection that doesn't include potentially harmful chemicals. 


Upgrade Your Lifestyle

You should do this for lots of reasons, not just for your skin. Tried to quit smoking but can’t? There are tons of resources for guys you want to break the habit. Find one that works for you and you will reap the rewards. Need more sleep? Make this a priority and you’ll see major benefits. Crappy diet? Find easy ways to replace junk food and empty calories with healthier choices like fresh fruit and veggies.


Win the Battle Against Wrinkles

The aging process is inevitable, but wrinkles and bad skin aren’t. Improve your men’s grooming approach with organic face wash for men and other high quality products. Make lifestyle improvements that will improve your health. And stay motivated by reminding yourself that - as you age - you will continue to look your best. 

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