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Skincare Tips for Men with Tattoos

Man with tattoo applying skincare product

Whether you’re ink-obsessed or just got your first tattoo, you want it to look great for years to come. It’s an expression of yourself - and it probably wasn’t cheap either. How can you ensure that your tattoo looks its best for as long as possible?

The answer is simple: skincare. The healthier your skin is, the better your tattoo is going to look. Think of it like the glass that covers a cherished photo. If the photo was framed with quality glass - and it’s kept clean - the photo will stay in its original condition for many years, resist fading, and always be a pleasure to look at. But slap on a glare-prone piece of cheap glass, and guess what happens… fading, yellowing, etc. All bad.

The same goes for your skin. Follow these skincare tips for men with tattoos to keep your ink looking bold, vibrant, and impressive.


Moisturize Daily

The key to a vibrant tattoo that pops and impresses is hydrated skin. When your skin gets dry or dehydrated, your tattoos look faded and dull. Colors become muted and lines can get blurred or faint. It’s a bad look.

That’s why you should use a body lotion for men daily on your tattoo - like our Deep Moisture Body Lotion. It’s made with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Jojoba. These ingredients repair dry skin, prevent flaking, nourish skin, and lock in moisture. It’s best to use an unscented moisturizer on your tattoo to prevent any irritation.

Be extra attentive to your skin in dry and cold conditions. You may notice that you need to apply men’s body lotion more often during the winter. Even if you’re not in dry or cold conditions, using lotion to hydrate the skin around your tattoo twice daily is the best way to keep it looking great.


Protect Your Tattoo from Sun Damage

Tattoo artists recommend that you keep your new tattoo away from any direct sun exposure for several weeks. But even after your tattoo has fully healed, you should still protect it from the sun’s rays. Why?

The UV rays the sun emits damage your skin. UVA rays are a major cause of the aging process - they damage skin cells, leading to wrinkles and distortions in pigmentation. The sun can bleach out your tattoo. That makes the colors less vivid and leaves your once impressive piece of art looking worn out and dull.

Keeping your tattoo covered by clothing when exposed to the sun is smart. But it’s not enough if you really want to keep your ink looking its best. You should use a men’s moisturizer with SPF daily on your tattoo area. Apply a light layer - even if it will be covered by clothing. That’s because the sun’s rays can still get through the fabric and begin to age your tattoo.


Wash and Exfoliate

Keeping your skin clean is important whether you have tattoos or not. For the best results, use a non-irritating body wash for men with gentle cleansers. Harsh products can damage your tattoo - especially in the weeks while it’s still healing.

Why should you exfoliate too? Dead skin cells accumulate on your skin’s outer layer. This creates a dull, worn out look. It’s why guys need to use face scrub for men each week. This exfoliates away dead skin cells, revealing a bright complexion beneath.

You need to do the same thing to keep your tattoo looking bright and vibrant. A men’s face scrub can be used anywhere you have a tattoo to exfoliate the skin. Always follow up with body lotion for men to lock in moisture after scrubbing away dead skin cells and other debris.

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