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Skincare for Men vs. Makeup for Men - Not the Same

Man applying skincare product

Some guys question the value of skincare products for men. They say, “I’ve been using the same soap bar my whole life. I don’t need all those products.” But many of them come around once they see the results. Healthier skin. Fewer blemishes. Reduced signs of aging.

But now some major fashion and beauty brands are selling makeup for men. That’s right - true guyliner. Also lipstick, concealer, and other beauty products that have traditionally only been marketed to women.

Sure, you want to look your best. But makeup for men is taking it too far, right?

Yup. Let’s be clear - there is a huge difference between taking care of your skin and applying makeup. In many ways, they are total opposites. So no guys, you don’t need any makeup - no matter what the marketing pitch is. Here’s why the best skincare products for men are all you need.


Why Skincare Matters

Taking care of your skin is all about improving its health and appearance. For the best results, you seek out products made with natural ingredients known to nourish, hydrate, and protect the skin from damage. Ultimately, following the right routine will make your skin look its best without altering your natural appearance.

There are also long term benefits to following a skincare routine for men. Keeping your skin clean and hydrated reduces the risk of developing breakouts. It keeps your skin tone even and bright. And it slows the onset of many common signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots.

Your skincare efforts focus on health and maintaining your skin - not altering your personal appearance. It’s nothing like using makeup for men.


Makeup Is the Opposite of Skincare

The guys who are buying these new men’s makeup products are not trying to take better care of their skin. This stuff temporarily alters your appearance. But it washes away. And in the process, it can seriously irritate your skin and cause blemishes.

People who wear makeup have to use specific skincare products just to get that junk out of their pores. Leaving it on can clog pores, cause blemishes, and undo all the positive effects of a good skincare routine.


Look Your Best with a Simple Routine

All the tips you get from The Grooming Manual advocate simple skincare routines that are focused on getting results. No gimmicks or short term changes. You want to see your skin get healthier and look better now - and for years to come.

Struggling with skin issues now? Want to find a way to get a naturally healthy complexion? All it takes are these three products:

  • Face Wash. Use a natural face wash for men each morning and evening to wash away dirt, debris, and bacteria on your skin.
  • Face Scrub. Every other morning, use face scrub for men to deep clean your pores. The scrubbing particles exfoliate your skin, leaving your face clean and bright. This is also a great pre-shave step since it softens whiskers and prepares your skin for a smooth shave.
  • Face Moisturizer. Use it every morning and evening after washing (or scrubbing) to seal in moisture and nourish your skin. Choose an oil-free face moisturizer for men that’s fast absorbing and lightweight. That will prevent any oily buildup or shine from forming.


Treat Your Skin Right, Look Your Best

You don’t need makeup or other appearance altering products to look your best. In fact, using them could do damage to your skin.

Instead, focus on the long term health of your skin. Use the best skincare products for men and stick to a regular routine that includes face wash and moisturizer. That will slow the aging process, prevent breakouts, and keep your skin in top shape.

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