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Know the Difference Between Women's and Men's Skin Care Products?

Natural skincare products for men

Take a walk down any drugstore's skincare aisle. What do you find?

Women’s products. As far as the eye can see. Who knows - you might even see a few guy's products somewhere in a corner. They stand out because of their distinct advertising. Women’s skincare bottles often come covered with fruits and flowers. Men's options are less decorative and more utilitarian and strong. 

But what’s going on beneath the surface?

Is there all that much difference between women’s creams and men’s grooming products?

If you’re shopping for generic, low-quality creams and soaps, there’s little difference. The only thing you’ll notice are the scents.

But what if you want the good stuff?

Natural face wash for men with organic ingredients. Shave cream for men that goes on as a smooth lotion instead of a lathering mess.

Yeah, those are different.


Men’s Skin Vs. Women’s Skin

There are several important factors that differentiate men’s and women’s skin.

  • Men have thicker skin. Literally. It tends to be 20% - 30% thicker than women’s skin. 
  • Men have more and larger hair follicles. Especially on the face.
  • Men produce more oil. Guys have more sebaceous glands - the ones that churn out oil. 
  • Men’s skin ages better. Thicker, more resilient skin is good for staying youthful.

Most of these differences are hormonal. Androgens - like testosterone - are responsible for many of the variations between the sexes.


What Makes Men’s Products Different

Basic skincare rules apply to both men and women. But there are a few important details that men’s grooming products address.



The best face wash for men cares for a man’s shave-worn facial skin. Part of the issue is that men have thick skin and lots of hair follicles. That makes it easy to run into problems with ingrown hairs, razor burn, and razor bumps.

Your skin won't get dried out by face wash for men that promotes good shaving. Instead of throwing off your skin’s pH - like most soap bars do - it leaves your skin hydrated. That means you won’t have tight skin or closed pores, both of which are likely to cause skin irritation.

Brands that focus on results develop face scrub for men with men’s shaving routines in mind. Scrub helps move hairs - even short ones - up and away from the pores. This prevents ingrown hairs and gives you a closer, cleaner shave.


Outdoor Exposure

Guy’s skin is thicker, but it also tends to be out in the elements more than women’s skin. That means it needs extra protection.

Penetrate your thick skin and keep it in top shape with face moisturizer for men. It contains less cream and oil - since men already produce plenty of sebum. And it has additional ingredients to soothe the skin after a shave.

The outdoors - and the sun - take their toll on your hair too. Keep your hair clean, thick, and hydrated with a good haircare routine. It should include both shampoo for men and hair conditioner for men.


Adult Acne

Since men produce more oil, they are more likely to suffer from adult acne. Women’s creams and cleansers have lighter ingredients that won't bother their sensitive skin. But men need stronger ingredients for deep cleansing to prevent excessive acne.

Guys, are you still not exfoliating? If you don’t use face scrub for men for it’s shaving benefits, consider this: 

Exfoliating at least once a week can significantly reduce your outbreaks. It will leave your skin fresh, clean, and bright.


One Major Mistake Guys Make

Men often make a huge mistake that leads to all kinds of skin problems. And it’s so simple; there’s no excuse for it.

They don’t take care of their skin.

You’ve got thicker skin than most women. You’ve got more collagen. You’ve got better skin hydration.

In theory, your skin should look about 15 years younger than women of the same age.

But most guys don’t take skincare for men seriously. And they pay the price. They end up with dull, tired skin by the time they’re in the late 30’s. 

Break from the mould. Take care of your skin. Use face wash for men and face moisturizer for men to stay clean, hydrated, and acne free. Improve your shave routine with face scrub for men. And follow up with natural aftershave for men.

Leave the women’s products on your gal's side of the shower. Reach for men’s grooming products designed for your skin. You’ll see better results and feel the difference. 

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