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The Grooming Manual

How to Trim & Maintain Men’s Eyebrows

men's eyebrows

Unless you are Anthony Davis, sporting a unibrow isn’t cool. Alternatively, having  the type of perfectly shaped eyebrows that women beg you to help with theirs isn’t ideal either. An important part of any men’s grooming routine for men is to know how to trim and maintain their eyebrows, while keeping them looking natural and masculine.

To help you get over the grooming hump, we will walk you through a simple how to pluck and trim your men’s eyebrows guide to assist in keeping your manscaping to a minimum, while still helping your look great.

Trim your men’s eyebrows

Start by combing your men’s eyebrows with your pocket or beard comb and grooming scissors. Push and hold the hair upwards with the comb and snip across just a few millimeters. After snipping, brush the eyebrows down to check your progress. If you’re a man with thick eyebrows, you may need to repeat this process a few extra times.

More of an electric guy? You can also trim your eyebrows with a men’s beard or facial hair trimmer. Make sure to always start with the highest possible setting and slowly trim down the eyebrow as making a mistake here may cause a strange look that can take weeks to fix.

The objective in either case is to not trim your eyebrows too much. For a more natural but clean look, you will want to avoid a more sculpted, shorter eyebrow that takes away from your facial features in a bad way. Most men only need a few millimeters taken off the top to craft a perfectly trimmed men’s eyebrow.

How to pluck men’s eyebrows

Next, you’ll need to grab some tweezers and pluck your eye brows to remove any random stragglers and fix up the fine details.

Start by taking a warm shower to soften up your skin. This may sound unnecessary, but you’ll feel a huge difference when tweezing out hairs post shower. Your hair will slide out much more easier and with significantly less discomfort.

For stray hairs: Brush your eyebrows to uncover where the random hairs stick out. Pluck any hair that won’t fall in line with your eyebrow. There shouldn’t be too many of these, but only pluck the men’s eyebrow hairs that are really stubborn.

For shaping:  Remove any hair above the eyebrow that cause it to look too bushy. Move below the brow to pluck any hair underneath the arch of the eyebrows. Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows to avoid making the arch look too thin. You should only need a handful of swipes to do the job. It’s important to remember when grooming your eyebrows that your intent isn’t to come out with a perfect shaped eyebrow, but a cleaner and more well-kept look.

For a unibrow: Pluck any and all hair in the unibrow area, while avoiding the first few hairs of each eyebrow. This is the only area on the brow where it’s not only OK, but expected that you should remove all visible hairs.

Once you are satisfied with the appearance of your eyebrows, we suggest rubbing natural men’s aftershave over the areas you just plucked as the skin will be irritated and red. An aftershave for men will help calm the irritated skin, reduce redness, and prevent ingrown hairs.

Our suggestion is to groom your eyebrows before or after each haircut, as well as before any event where you’re really looking to impress. We strongly advise against men waxing their eyebrows. The look is much too obvious and will never allow for a natural look. Remember, when it comes to manscaping, you’re looking to clean up the eyebrow, not shape them into over groomed lines on your face.

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