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How to Straighten Your Beard

How to Straighten Your Beard

The longer your beard gets, the more of a challenge it can be to style it the way you want. If you have wavy or curly beard hair, you've got even more of a challenge. In order to achieve a desired style and better manage their longer beards, some guys choose to straighten out their facial hair.

Considering doing this yourself? Then this guide on how to straighten your beard will help - with tips, tools, and other details you need to know.


Why Straighten Your Beard?

Many guys decide to straighten their beard in order to keep it looking neat and styled the way they want. As a beard gets longer, it can be increasingly unruly. That's because facial hair is different from the hairs on your head. Your beard hairs tend to be thicker and coarser and to grow in a variety of different directions.

Straightening your beard can give it a smoother, more uniform style. This works for many guys who want a less shaggy, more refined beard.


Step by Step: How to Straighten Your Beard

There are a variety of different techniques you can use to straighten your beard. The following steps are designed to get the desired result without irritating the skin beneath your beard or damaging your facial hair.


Start with Damp Hair

Before you get to actually straightening your hair, it should be a bit damp. This will make it easier to brush and drying your hair will help set it in the direction you want.

Since you have to get your beard wet anyway, this can be a good opportunity to wash and condition your facial hair. We recommend our Daily Strengthening Shampoo for cleansing your beard. Its natural ingredients remove excess oil, bacteria, and other debris without over-drying or causing irritation. For maximum moisture, volume, and shine, follow up with our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner.

Remember that you want your hair to be damp, not sopping wet. So dry it a bit with a towel before getting started. Be gentle; it's better to pat your facial hair dry than to rub at it aggressively.


Apply Beard Oil

Coating your facial hair with beard oil will improve its texture, enhance its natural shine, and offer protection from heat used during the styling process. You only need a few drops of our natural Beard Oil to get the ideal results. Use your hands to spread the oil evenly all throughout your beard, then wait a couple minutes for it to soak in before moving on to the next step.

You don't have to wait until you're going to straighten your hair to use beard oil. In fact, you can use it daily to improve your beard's texture, look, and shine. This is especially helpful if you have dry facial hair.


Use a Blow Dryer

Next, use a blow dryer and a roller brush to slowly dry your beard while pulling the hair straight. The combination of the tension from your brush and the heat from the blow dryer will adjust the texture and direction of your hair.

While heat is a helpful tool for styling your beard, too much heat is bad for your facial hair. It can damage the hair and the follicle. For that reason, make sure your blow dryer is set to to low or medium and keep it about 6 inches away from your beard at all times.

Slow but constant motion with your brush and hair dryer will help prevent damage. Don't leave the heat aimed at any one area of your beard for too long. The goal is to dry and straighten your hair, not to leave it burnt to a crisp.

If you beard is long, you may need to dry it from underneath as well. Be sure to keep brushing your facial hair as you pass over or under it with your blow dryer. The key to getting it to set straight is using a combination of heat and tension - but not too much of either.


Finish with Your Favorite Styling Product

Once your beard is dry and straight, you can finish styling it with your preferred product, like a pomade, gel, or styling cream. Our Flexible Hold Wax Pomade offers a flexible hold with natural shine. Its natural ingredients - including beeswax, vitamin E, shea butter, castor oil, and neem seed oil - help style, tame, and condition your facial hair.


Keep Your Beard Looking Great

Use these tips to straighten your beard and always keep it in top shape. Be cautious when using a blow dryer; the low or medium settings are best. And remember that there are lots of different ways to style your beard.

Experiment with different straightening methods, leave it natural, or try out a variety of beard styling products. That will help you discover the ideal way to wear your beard.

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