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How to Stop Your Beard from Getting Scraggly

Scraggly bush

Want a sharp, stylish beard that gets all the right kind of attention? If so, remember this cardinal rule: growing a beard takes more effort than just not shaving.

Sure, if you stop shaving for a few weeks (or months) you’ll start to grow in some impressive facial hair. But it will be a mess. Imagine if you just stopped cutting your hair and let it grow however it wants. Would it look good after several weeks? Probably not.

Untamed, uncontrolled hair growth looks bad - anywhere. But especially on your face. That’s the image you present to the world. It’s your first impression with everyone you meet. It deserves some serious attention. So apply these beard grooming tips to prevent a scraggly, messy beard.


Longer Beards Require More Attention

The longer your beard is, the more potential it has to turn into a disaster. So if you’re going for some serious growth, making regular maintenance a priority. That includes brushing it daily, keeping it clean, and keeping it hydrated.

This isn’t about overly pampering yourself or being extravagant. Many guys don’t get it - long, thick beards seem so ruggedly masculine. How could something so manly require so much grooming?

The truth is that a great looking beard doesn’t come easy. To get that Brawny-Man rugged look, you’ll need to apply these tips.


Visit Your Barber Often

Your barber has the power to save your beard from becoming a thick, twisted nightmare. Visit them often. More often than you did before you had a beard or when you were keeping it short. Why?

Regular trimming prevents tangling, split ends, and uneven growth. Sure, you can trim it at home too. But there’s nothing quite like having the professional experience at a barbershop. Make this part of your routine.


Avoid Split Ends

This is part of the reason you need to see your barber so often. Split ends happen when hair strands become weak, dehydrated, and dry at the tips. It’s more likely to occur the longer your hair gets. What’s the big problem?

Split ends make your beard look messy and unkempt. They slow hair growth. And they just plain look bad. How can you prevent them?

  • Get regular trims. Trimming the tips of your hair encourages hair growth and prevents split ends.
  • Use conditioner. A natural hair conditioner for men with aloe vera and other natural ingredients will hydrate and nourish your beard, giving it a healthy, natural shine.
  • Use beard oil. Use a natural beard oil each day to keep your facial hair and the skin beneath it moisturized. You only need to use a few drops; brush it through your beard evenly for the best results. Choose a beard oil made with essential oils and natural ingredients.


Shampoo Your Beard Regularly

You’ve got to keep that thing clean. This becomes an issue the longer and thicker your beard gets. Dirt, crumbs, and other debris are much more likely to get tangled up in a long, thick beard. 

Use a natural shampoo for men with gentle, effective ingredients. Avoid harsh detergents, sulfates, and surfactants. These chemical ingredients can dry out your skin and hair, leaving your beard looking dull.

Just like with the hair on top of your head, you don’t need to shampoo daily. Most days a good rinse will clean out any trapped debris. But every other day or so, use shampoo to keep your beard looking its best.


The Benefits of Beard Grooming

The longer you beard gets, the more grooming it requires. But that’s not a bad thing! Apply these beard grooming tips and ensure you always look great - with a strong, masculine beard that never fails to impress.

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