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How to Groom and Maintain a Long Beard

Man with long beard

Beards are here to stay. It’s not uncommon to see men from all walks of life - from the bohemian to the boardroom - showing off luxurious facial hair. There are tons of styles to choose from. And they can all look great, as long as you stick to a quality men's grooming routine.

That includes long beards. Once relegated to the most rebellious of men, now even professional guys are embracing the masculine look of a longer beard. If you’re thinking about growing yours out, use these grooming tips. They will help it look great, not messy or scraggly.


Clean Lines Are Key

Even a long, wild beard should have clean lines. By trimming up the borders of your beard, it will be clear that the extra length is intentional. A well-groomed perimeter gives your beard definition and form. It establishes that you’re in control of your beard, not the other way around.

One line that must be kept trim is your lip line. Cutting your mustache above the lip to establish a neat look enhances your facial features. Even a long beard won’t overpower your face if you keep the lip line well trimmed.

The same applies to your cheeks and neck. Exactly where the lines fall will be different on every man. But the key is to keep them trimmed. If you let them get scraggly, your beard will look wild and messy - not neat and rugged.


Keep It Clean

Long beards have more potential to get junk in them. Beard debris happens - crumbs, dirt… all kinds of stuff can get caught in there.

Keep your long beard clean and fresh by washing it daily. You can use a face wash for men or shampoo for men, whichever you prefer. Just be sure that it’s a gentle formula with no sulfates or harsh ingredients. Those will strip away natural oils from your skin and facial hair, resulting in dehydrated, dull hair.

Washing daily - ideally each morning and evening - stops you from accumulating dirt, debris, or oil. It also saves you from under-beard acne and other irritation that can detract from the quality of your long beard.


Hydrate Daily

Both your beard and the skin beneath it need to stay well hydrated if you want to look your best. Here’s how to do it:

  • Use face moisturizer daily. Each morning and evening after you wash your face and beard, apply face moisturizer for men. You can use it right over your beard, no problem. Choose a fast-absorbing, lightweight formula for the best results.
  • Use SPF moisturizer when needed. Sun damage can happen even under your beard. So apply a face moisturizer for men with SPF whenever you’re going to spend 30 minutes or more outdoors.
  • Beard oil. Apply beard oil to your facial hair once daily, especially when you’re first growing it out. This reduces itch, gives your beard a natural shine, and keeps it smooth and soft. A natural beard oil with jojoba oil is best since this ingredient mimics your skin’s natural oils.


Brush It Out

Brushing or combing your long beard daily will keep it healthy and looking its best. For the best results, do this before bed and immediately after applying beard oil.

Brushing your beard spreads oils down hair strands, keeping them hydrated and strong. It prevents split ends and exfoliates the skin beneath your beard. This simple step only takes a minute, but offers great results. Don’t skip it.


Trim When Needed

While you’re smart to have a beard trimming kit at home, visiting your barber every 1-2 months for a professional trim is best. They can help give your beard a flattering shape and give you advice on how to groom it based on your features.

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