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How Long Does Sunscreen Last?

Hand squeezing sunscreen from bottle

It is officially sunblock season, and your skin will definitely need protection. With hot weather and sunny skies comes potential burns and an increased chance of sun damage, and if you’re one to spend the majority of your summer outdoors, it is beyond essential to keep a bottle of sunscreen within arm's reach.

If you’ve just rustled a bottle of SPF from last year’s beach bag, you’re probably wondering when it expires. So, how long does sunscreen last? Will it be usable in the next three months? For sunscreen facts and storage tips, look no further. We’ve compiled all the information you need to stay safe and sunburn-free until the fall.

Why Ingredients Matter

There are two different types of sunscreen: chemical and physical. While they are both effective at protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays, they do have some key differences.

  • Chemical sunscreen contains ingredients such as oxybenzone, octinoxate, and avobenzone. These ingredients absorb UV rays and turn them into heat.
  • Physical sunscreens are generally a thicker, whiter consistency, and contain ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These formulas reflect UV rays as a means of sun protection.

A mineral sunscreen is also referred to as a physical sunscreen. Generally, the better, healthier option for the skin and the environment, and of course, sunscreen shelf life depends on their ingredients. Check the ingredients before purchasing a sunscreen product.

How Long Does Sunscreen Last On Skin?

So how long does sunscreen last on the face and skin at the beach? Sunscreen can last on the skin for about 2 hours, whether or not it has a high SPF rating. However, it depends on your sweat glands and water exposure.

How Long Does Mineral Sunscreen Last on Skin?

It is effective until it is on the surface of the skin, but still be sure you have it on, if you are active in water or at the beach. How long do Brickell moisturizers last on skin? Although it is expected to last within 2 - 4 hours, if it’s a sunny day, you need to protect your skin with mineral sunscreen at least every hour. Brickell Moisturizers with SPF is the perfect mineral sunscreen for you.

Our Ingredients in SPF Products

Our SPF products are physical sunscreens backed by the power of zinc oxide and other natural ingredients. Our sunscreens have a broad spectrum of SPF levels ranging from 20-45 making them the best mineral sunscreen for men of varying skin types and concerns.

We carefully formulated each of these products with the following soothing and hydrating ingredients so you can show off your healthiest skin yet:

  • Aloe Vera – Keeps your skin moisturized and alleviates irritation
  • Zinc Oxide - Helps repair tissues, fights inflammation, and protects against harsh UV rays
  • Vitamin E - An emollient and antioxidant that shields against free radicals and softens the skin
  • Green Tea - A great anti-aging component full of antioxidants
  • Sunflower Oil - Helps strengthen skin and doesn’t clog pores

Daily Defense Face Moisturizer

Using a daily moisturizer with SPF - like our Daily Defense Face Moisturizer with SPF 20 -is the first step to moisturizing. At the start of the day, reversing the damage already done is an important precaution. It is fast-absorbing, lightweight, and leaves no white marks.

Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45 for Men

Have you tried the Element Defense Moisturizer with SPF 45 for Men? It's the perfect facial routine to close the deal on skincare. This works well to add to your skincare routine for men; as a result, performing wonders on your skin. Skincare for men comes with different application methods.

No Shine Lip Balm for Men

Try the No Shine Lip Balm for Men to protect your lip from dryness. The product was made of organic natural ingredients to deliver hydration and moisture to the lips. It can be used at any time of the day and even at night. It provides broad-spectrum UV protection with SPF 15.

Does Sunscreen Expire?

The general shelf life of sunscreen is around three years.
Though expired sunscreen isn’t necessarily toxic, that doesn’t mean you should avoid replacing it once the three-year mark comes around. After sunscreen expires, its UV protection becomes far less effective. The last thing you want is to feel confident in your SPF application, only to spend the day using a product that isn’t doing much good for you.

Your best option is to keep your sunscreen stored in a proper climate and to replace it every couple of years just to be safe.

Some sunscreens have expiration dates indicated which are always between 2- 3 years. We recommend that you adhere to sunscreen's expiration date on your SPF product to get the maximum protection you need for your skin.

Does Mineral Sunscreen Expire?

Physical sunscreens tend to hold up better over time as opposed to chemical sunscreens. Minerals have a long-lasting lifespan and do not have the tendency to expire over time. Minerals like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide continue to be effective and do not deteriorate over time. Other ingredients like - aloe vera, beeswax, and olive oil are prone to expiring. Although using expired sunscreen products will not hurt your skin, they will not have a positive effect either.

How Long Does Brickell's SPF Last?

Our SPF products block harmful UV light rays while keeping the skin soft, smooth, and healthy. Does sunblock expire? Yes, Brickell SPF products for sunblock can last about 3 years until their expiration date. If stored properly, it can last longer.

Can You Use Expired Sunscreen?

If your sunscreen expired 2 years ago, the effect it will have on your skin will neither be negative nor positive. It means that your skin will be exposed to UV light rays and you can get sunburns from this exposure.

Is Expired Sunscreen Better Than No Sunscreen?

If that's all you have handy, using expired sunscreen is a little better than just going without. Especially if the active ingredient is a physical sunblock like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, these two are organic compounds that can last longer and still have some effect on the skin.

Does Expired Sunscreen Work If Never Opened?

Did you purchase sunscreen with a broken seal? It would be best if you had it returned as soon as possible. The maximum expiration date for a sunscreen product is 3 years. Regardless of whether it was opened or not, some sunscreen indicates the expiration date - discard sunscreen with a broken seal or past its expiration date.

Can Sunscreen Expire From Bad Storage?

When sunscreens are exposed to heat, sunlight, and moisture, it loses the ability to protect your skin effectively. So the question is, how long is sunscreen good for if stored in the fridge? It is ideal to store sunscreen in the fridge, but do not expose it to extreme cold - like letting it freeze up. The chemical compounds can get deactivated and become ineffective.

How to Tell When Sunscreen Has Expired

There are a few telltale signs of sunscreen gone sour. First is the sunscreen expiration date, of course. Avoid using any sunscreen past the three-year mark.
Another sign is the consistency and the smell. If the color has changed, or if the texture is super runny, you’re better off tossing it.

One helpful tip is to look on the back of the bottle where the ingredients and directions are. In one of the bottom corners, there should be a symbol that says something like “12M” (for 12 months) or “24M” (for 24 months). This is the shelf life of your product. Since every product can be different, use this as an extra reference just to be sure.

Risks of Using Expired Sunscreen on Skin

Most sunscreen products contain all kinds of chemicals, and some of these products, when they are spoiled or no longer in good condition, could be cancerous. Some of the risks of using expired sunscreen products are listed below.

  • Sunburn
  • Dry skin
  • Unbalanced skin
  • Premature aging
  • Skin irritation
  • Skin cancer

Irritation from Expired Sunscreen

Skin irritation from expired sunscreen products may look like sunburn. Expired sunscreen can cause irritation - like rashes and blemishes due to the heat emitting from an expired product. SPF efficacy can be depleted or lost, exposing your skin to damaging UV radiation and sun damage.

How to Treat Mild Sunscreen Irritation?

To reduce inflammation, use 1% hydrocortisone over-the-counter . If you notice your skin reacting to the sunscreen product, please wash your skin with clean water immediately. In severe cases, reach out to a dermatologist.

Hyaluronic Acid Booster for Men

This booster is one of the many benefits of hyaluronic acid on the skin. Hyaluronic Acid Booster for Men is responsive to all kinds of skin and rapidly clears out wrinkles. The anti-aging serum provides maximum skin hydration to keep it always moist.

Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Men

Moisturizing your skin is what this lotion does when applied to the skin. Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Men penetrates the skin to increase moisture, and hydrate, protect, and tighten even the driest skin. It is perfect for all types of skin.

Ways to Reverse Sun Damage

Using expired sunscreen can cause an uneven skin tone. Let’s look at some ways to renew your skin tone.

  • Skin Lightening Cream: Our Deep Moisture product is the perfect sunscreen to renew your skin tone while hydrating your skin.
  • Skin Exfoliants: Sun damage slows down the pace at which skin cells regenerate. This could result in dull, dry skin, uneven skin tone, pimples, and clogged pores. Exfoliants can promote quicker cell turnover in the skin.

Use Vitamin C Serum

Just a few drops of the Vitamin C Booster for Men to help get rid of sun damage and boost your skin cells to increase elasticity and kick start the healing process of your skin. Concentrated anti-aging serum of raw Vitamin C to fight age in the body.

Some Exfoliation May Help

Renewing Face Scrub for Men helps with the regeneration of new skin cells. It removes dead skin and facial impurities; as a result, restoring a clear complexion and allowing irritation-free skin.

Exfoliating Body Wash for Men

Our body wash can help scrub off dead skin cells with natural exfoliating particles. It cleanses skin dirt to reveal softer, smoother skin all over. Exfoliating Body Wash for Men rejuvenates, regenerates, renews, and restores your skin for a better look to feel at your best.

Treat the Skin Around the Eyes With Eye Serum

Including an eye serum in your sunscreen kit is beneficial. It completely prevents wrinkles from sun damage and expired sunscreen. Restoring Eye Serum Treatment is soothing and removes this sunburn around the eyes for all skin types.


Prevent Scarring from Sun Damage

Now that you understand how to reverse the damage done by expired sunscreen, you should try the Clearing Scar Cream for Men for a more permanent solution. This product regenerates, rejuvenates, restores, and replaces scars caused by expired sunscreen.

Make an Extra Night Treatment For Faster Results

Add one more eye serum to your sunscreen kit. Repairing Night Serum for Men completely prevents wrinkles caused by sun damage. Expired sunscreen contributes to skin wrinkles around the eye. It is soothing and reduces skin inflammation.

Tips for Proper Sunscreen Storage

Keep your sunscreen covered when at the beach.

Piping hot sunlight will render your sunblock ineffective. Cover your bottle with a towel or keep it in a shady area.

Do not store sunscreen in the bathroom.

Steamy showers are not the best for sunscreen storage. Fluctuating temperatures and humidity can create mold, which is the last thing you’d want near your face or body.

Avoid keeping sunscreen next to windows or in a hot car.

Again, heat is your sunscreen’s worst enemy. Keeping it in direct sunlight or packed in a stuffy vehicle can reduce its effectiveness. Opt to store it in a cool drawer in your home.

Keep it Clean

Treat your sunscreen like you would treat your skin. Applying your sunscreen with dirty hands can expose it to bacteria and speed up sunscreen expiration. Ensure your sunscreen is properly closed and stored in a cool place.

Store Sunscreen at Room Temperature

Can sunscreen expire? Yes, sunscreen can expire if frozen or exposed to intense heat or dirt. Some heat exposure is inevitable, but temperatures can fluctuate, and this can spoil sunscreen.

The Takeaway

When does sunscreen expire? This blog has answered this question in a couple of sections. Keep protecting your skin from the sun and harmful rays to feel young and healthy while focusing on your daily activity.

With adequate sunscreen storage tactics and routine application, you’ll be sure to have a safe summer full of lengthy hikes and never-ending beach trips. It's important to never forget sunblock is supposed to be used all year round, not just in the summer months.

Keep your skin free of damage and premature signs of aging by covering it in a layer of SPF each day before leaving home - even if the sky looks a bit cloudy. This will not only give you healthier skin, but the daily habit will make regular sunscreen use feel less like a burden when the sunnier days come around.

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