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How Does Stress Affect Men’s Skin?

How Does Stress Affect Men’s Skin?

Life is stressful. Whether you spend your days in the cubicle or are still in the college classroom, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

For guys, the natural reaction to high levels of stress is the fight or flight response. It sends your cortisol levels - a hormone that aids in the stress response - through the roof. And what does that do?

It jacks up your skin.

Well, it does a lot of things. High stress levels have been blamed for a host of health problems - from erectile dysfunction to high blood pressure. There is also evidence that high stress levels can wreak havoc on men’s skin.

What can you do about it? How can skincare for men help you look your best even when you’re under too much stress?

Stress + Men’s Skin = Bad News

One of the effects of increased cortisol levels - caused by high levels of stress - is oily skin. Cortisol causes your sebaceous glands (the glands that produce your skin’s natural oil) to go into overdrive. You wind up with too much oil on your face and are left in a precocious situation - after all, oily skin is ground zero for blemishes and breakouts of all kinds.

To make things worse, you probably are not sticking to good men’s grooming when you are under stress. When guys go through a difficult time - perhaps a break up, loss of a job, or the death of a love one - they often are so overwhelmed that their routines suffer. Skincare for men seems a lot less important when you’re struggling to deal with a major cause of stress.

Reduce Stress, Improve Your Skin

Reducing your everyday stress levels will bring you benefits galore. Combine a low-stress lifestyle with the best men’s skincare routine and you will keep a healthy complexion. To stay calm when the going gets tough, try these tips:

— Use Breathing Exercises. A little deep breathing goes a long way towards stress relief. Sit back, relax, and take a deep breath in through your nose. Hold for a few seconds, then blow out all the air from your mouth. Hold for several seconds and repeat.

— Get Plenty of Rest. Burning the midnight oil will stress you out, make you less productive, and get your skin in rough shape. Hit the sack early enough for 6-8 hours of sleep - the more stressful life has been, the more sleep you need.

— Work Out Every Week. You don’t have to become a total gym rat to see benefits here. Even walking or running for 30 minutes once a week can help. Three 30 minute fitness sessions per week will significantly reduce your stress and help clear up your skin.

— Eat Better. Cramming your face with fast food is a recipe for all kinds of disaster. If you’re crunched for time and stressed to boot, it can be hard to slow down and make smart meal choices. Avoid fast food by bringing fresh fruits and vegetables to work. When you’re tempted to snack on junk, you’ll have a healthier option at hand. And remember, you are what you eat. A good diet complements a men’s skincare routine to make your face look its best.

— Take Care of Your Skin. Still washing your face with a soap bar? Skipping face moisturizer for men in the mornings? Working out in the sun without using protection? No wonder you’re stressed. Take time to enjoy the ritual of using face wash for men each morning. In five minutes you can fresh your face and see real results - a small investment for a big reduction in stress.

Stress surrounds you. And it’s not about to go away. Learn to deal with it instead. Breath deep, relax, eat right, and get in a few workouts each week.

Don’t forget to take good care of your skin too. Use face wash for men each day and enjoy the process. Stress is manageable - don’t let it ruin your skin and wreck your health.

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