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Does Caring About Skincare Make You Narcissistic?

Handsome man

Ugh, he’s so into himself. He thinks he’ll be young forever. He’s self-obsessed.

Have you heard that before - or maybe even accused someone of being that way? No one likes a narcissist, defined as:

NARCISSIST definition

But caring about the way you look doesn’t make you narcissistic. It just makes you a modern man who knows what’s important. According to a report by Forbes on facial filler injections, “clinics are seeing unprecedented numbers of Millennials flocking to get the treatment done. Within just five years, Botulinum Toxin use among people aged 19 to 34 increased by 87%.”

But is that the answer? Do you need injections and surgery? Does caring about skincare make you a narcissist? Or is it just the smart thing to do? Consider these benefits of a skincare routine for men and why smart guys around the world - not just the self-obsessed - take skincare seriously.


Better Skin, Bigger Income

The inconvenient truth is that looking good can pad your bank account. Beauty is valuable because it is scarce - in economic theory, that makes it a gold mine. Since most guys still don’t realize the value of taking care of their skin, if you do you’ll get a leg up on the competition.

According to one researcher, “a handsome man is poised to make 13 percent more during his career than a ‘looks-challenged’ peer.” Reality can be harsh, but it can be used to your benefit. Another researcher believes that a typical good-looking person can make $230,000 more than their co-workers over the course of their lifetime. Even average-looking people do better than the ugly folks - about $140,000 better.

This isn’t to say that all it takes is looks to get ahead in the modern world. But research shows that looking good certainly doesn’t hurt.

And it doesn’t take much to improve your skin, slow the aging process, and generally look your best. Just follow a simple skincare routine that’s right for your needs.


A Basic Skincare Routine

To get started with skincare, just wash and hydrate your face twice daily. That’s all. Use the best natural face wash for men to get rid of oil and dirt on your face each morning and evening. Choose a gentle product with cleansers that won’t strip away your face’s natural oil and moisture. When you’re done, follow up with the best face moisturizer for men. This locks in hydration all day or night, protecting your skin from dehydration and environmental damage that can speed up aging.


Upgrade Your Routine

Just add two simple steps to this daily routine to make it that much better. Three to four times each week, exfoliate your skin with face scrub for men. This gets rid of dead skin cells and other pore-clogging debris that tend to dull your complexion and give you a more aged look.

Twice a week, use a face mask for men to eliminate toxins, firm your skin, and get rid of the bacteria and buildup that cause skin blemishes. For the best results, use a natural product with ingredients like activated charcoal and Kaolin clay.


Fight and Reverse Aging

There’s no Fountain of Youth you can just bathe in. But a good anti-aging routine for men will help you diminish your current signs of aging and prevent future ones from appearing any time soon. Follow a regimen that includes face serum, anti-aging cream, and eye cream. For the best results, use it each night before bed and reapply in the morning with a face serum for men designed for daytime use. 

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