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5 Grooming Products You Need in Your Gym Bag

Skincare product with gym essentials

You’re a busy guy. You’re barely able to find time to hit the gym. So there’s no time to go back home and freshen up before work. You’ve got to go from the sweaty mess of the gym to the polished professional of the office - all on the go.

If you head out with a well prepared gym bag, this is totally doable. Just be sure you’ve packed the best skincare and grooming products for men. Each guy will have their own routine, but in general these are the 5 grooming products every guy needs in their gym bag.


All-in-One Wash

No matter what your workout entailed, it’s safe to assume that you’re sweaty afterwards. Make your shower fast, easy, and non-irritating with a natural all in one wash for men. Choose a product that is gentle on your hair, face, and skin. You don’t want a heavy detergent soap that will strip your hair and skin of oil and moisture.

Bonus tip: Go with a travel size wash to save space in your gym bag and prevent any leaking from a pump bottle style cap.


Face Moisturizer

After you shower, you need to hydrate your skin so you look great all day long. Using face moisturizer for men also protects your skin from dehydration and accelerated aging. You only need a small amount of moisturizer and applying takes less than a minute - so no need to worry about wasting time here.

Bonus tip: If you’ll be spending more than 30 minutes out in the sun, use a face moisturizer for men with SPF in the morning. Sun damage is the #1 cause of skin problems - from the early onset of common signs of aging to skin cancer.



Do everyone around you a favor and apply the deodorant liberally after you hit the gym. You want your co-workers to know you were at the gym by the way you look, not by the way you smell.

Bonus tip: Want to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals in your deodorant? The best men's deodorant is one that’s free of parabens, aluminum, and phthalates.



After you’re all fresh and clean, don’t forget to give yourself some style. Use a natural wax pomade for men for a high shine, flexible hold look that stays great throughout the day. If you prefer a high shine with a strong hold, a natural gel pomade for men is better. A styling clay pomade is best when you want to keep you style in place but don't want any shine.

It's essential that you choose a product that naturally hydrates your hair and won’t cause scalp irritation. Hair products that contain alcohol are no good - they dry out your scalp, dehydrate hair strands, and can lead to dandruff and other irritation.

Bonus tip: Want to be able to adjust your hair style throughout the day? Go with a flexible hold product that keeps your strands in place but doesn’t lock them into a crunch, hard position.


Lip Balm

Dry, chapped lips can happen all year long. During the summer months, sun damage to your lips is also a major concern. Toss a stick of natural lip balm for men in your gym bag and apply it before you head to work. It’s a quick way to make sure you look your best during the workday - and protects your sensitive lips from damage.

Bonus tip: You never know when you may need to quickly apply lip balm - so keep it with you wherever you go. Leave a stick in your car, at your desk, and in your gym bag.


Improve Your Post-Workout Routine

You should be proud of your commitment to your workout routine. Don’t ruin it by heading to work looking like a total mess. Instead, use this advice to create an easy, on-the-go post-workout grooming routine that lets you enjoy the rest of your day looking your best.

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