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5 Fall and Winter Grooming Habits You Need to Adopt

Wintery forest

Fall and winter are glorious seasons. You can layer up, enjoy the cool and crisp weather, and finally stop worrying about your grooming routine. Right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

If you’ve finally gotten into a good grooming routine, fall and winter is not the time to stop. Because your skin and body need attention even when the temperature drops. And the people in your life are sure to appreciate it if you keep taking care of yourself year round.

Still, many guys tend to slip out of good grooming habits come fall. So make sure you’re following through on these good routines. And if you still haven’t adopted them, there’s no time like the present.


1 - Manscape

Every guy takes a different approach to manscaping - and that’s fine. The Grooming Manual is all about personal preference and such. But you should definitely be practicing some kind of body hair maintenance. And you shouldn’t let that habit slip just because it’s a bit cooler out.

For example, how’s your back hair doing? Just because you won’t be at the beach this winter, doesn’t mean your Significant Other wants a thick carpet of hair growing down your shoulders and back.

Wherever you choose to trim, be sure to take good care of your skin. Always use the best natural shave cream for men before shaving. And following up with an alcohol free aftershave to prevent irritation - especially when you’re trimming up sensitive areas.


2 - Shower

Long, hot showers feel good during the dead of winter. But if you want to take good care of your skin, you’ll need to drop the temperature just a bit. That’s because the near-scalding hot water that warms your bones - it also jacks up your skin.

Avoid those long, steamy showers. It feels relaxing, sure, but it’s actually stressing out your skin. Steaming hot water strips your skin of its natural oils - which your old-school soap bar is doing too. So make two smart changes here - switch to a shorter, lukewarm shower and use a natural body wash for men.


3 - Hydrate

Hydration means more than just using face moisturizer for men twice daily - which you should be doing all year long. That will lock in moisture and prevent the dry skin so commonly associated with winter weather.

But the best way to stay hydrated is even simpler than that - drink plenty of water. It’s easy to remember to stay sipping on water during the dog days of summer. But it can be difficult during the winter. So be intentional about it, track your water intake, and make sure you stay hydrated.


4 - Sunscreen

Even during the coldest winter days, the sun is still out to get you. Sure, it may not have you sweaty and burning up. But its UV rays can still do plenty of damage to your skin even though it’s cold out.

You know the importance of using sunscreen daily during the summer. And nothing changes during the winter - you need its protection just as much. Remember: whenever you’ll be spending 30 minutes or longer outdoors, be sure to apply sunscreen. But for even better results and to save yourself from forgetting this essential skincare habit, better to just get into the routine of applying it daily - no matter what your plans are.


5 - Feet

During the summer you love to enjoy the heat in flip flops, sandals, and barefoot at the beach. And all that exposure means you take good care of them. But during the winter, you’re stuffing your feet into thick socks, then into boots, and then into slippers at home. It can be easy to forget all about them.

Keep your feet looking and feeling their best during the fall and winter by keeping them well hydrated. Because dry and cracked feet feel terrible - and look even worse. This is easy - just use a natural body lotion for men to prevent dehydration.

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