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3 Simple Ways to Fix a Patchy Beard

Man with patchy beard.

Your patchy beard makes you look like an oily-faced teen celebrating the arrival of his first peach-fuzz facial hair. Not good.

A thick, full beard is a powerful symbol of masculinity. Which is why it can be so frustrating if your beard grows in partial and patchy. You can’t change your genetics, but you can fix things up and look your best with these beard care tips for guys with patchy beards.

1 - Grow It Long, Then Trim

This is critical when you’re first growing out your facial hair. Don’t rush to trim it back - especially if you’ve got bare patches. As your beard grows, you’ll be better able to see exactly where the thin spots are. You may be able to style it differently and deal with empty space that way.

Trimming your beard after you’ve first let it grow out a bit also prevents a thin, misshapen beard. Even if you plan on keeping your beard short and tight, you will still benefit from growing it out a bit longer at first.

What happens when you cut your beard back too fast? It gets uneven, the patchy spots become exaggerated, and you look like you got a bad haircut. Avoid that.

2 - Find the Right Style for You

Not all men are lumberjacks. You may want a long, flowing beard - but if your genes are saying “no”, listen.

There are tons of different facial hair styles that can work for guys with patchy beards. Maybe you would look great with a well-trimmed mustache. Or a goatee. Or some other variation on a beard that highlights your facial features without pointing out how patch-happy your hair growth is.

Your barber can help. The next time you go in to get your beard trimmed, ask them about hiding bare patches with a different style. They may have the perfect recommendation for you. Keep in mind that certain beard and hair styles work best for guys with specific face shapes.

3 - Take Care of What You’ve Got

Genetic alterations aside, you’re stuck with the facial hair you’ve got. So take good care of it with the best skincare and grooming products for men. Here’s a basic routine that will keep your facial hair looking great - even if it is growing in patchier than you’d hoped:

Shampoo & Conditioner - That stuff on your face is hair. So it deserves the same attention the hair on top of your head gets. Use the best shampoo for men and the best hair conditioner for men to cleanse, hydrate, strengthen, and shine your whiskers. This will also prevent the skin underneath from getting dry or flakey.

Beard Oil - Apply natural beard oil daily to moisturize and shine your beard. You want a product with essential oils - our Beard Oil is made with jojoba and argan oils. Massage it gently all through your beard to soften your whiskers and keep your facial hair looking great.

The better your beard looks, the less anyone will notice its patchier spots. You can’t change the way your facial hair grows, but you can make sure it looks its best. So go with a style that flatters your face. Get it trimmed regularly with clean lines for a sharp look. And use the best beard oil and the best hair care products for men to groom your beard like a pro.

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