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3 Reasons Beard Oil Is for Lovers

Bearded man on the phone

Scratchy. Itchy. Flaky. These are not sexy words. If your beard can be described with any of them, it’s time for a total revamp of your men’s grooming routine.

Look around (or in the mirror). Beards - they’re so hot right now. But, be careful. If not, your beard might get you into lonesome territory with your significant other.

Sure, some women swoon for the rugged masculinity of untamed facial hair. Still, those are the outliers.

Want to stay on your significant other’s good side? Take care of your beard.

This doesn't require expensive salon visits or fancy treatments. All you need is one product. Beard oil

Apply it once daily. Natural beard oil will take a scruffy, itchy mess and turn it into a masculine, alluring beard.

Want to get all the right attention with your debonair facial hair? Here are three reasons beard oil is for lovers.

1 - Makes Your Beard Soft and Touchable

Not sure if you need to use organic beard oil? Here’s an easy test. Run your hand through your beard. Go ahead, really feel it. How would you describe it?

Crunchy? Tough? Sharp?

Those are some of the most unromantic words in the dictionary. No one’s going to want to get too close to you with that nasty texture. Imagine kissing that tough mug. No thank you.

Don’t worry - you’re not doomed to be alone. Natural beard oil can help you out. Its combination of moisturizing ingredients will work on the skin under your beard first. You need well hydrated skin to prevent flakes and itchiness - two major turnoffs.

Algae extract and vitamin E work at your facial hairs. These ingredients soften the hair and give it the ideal texture. They will be easier to brush, lay better, and all around look and feel their best.

When she’s running her hands through your beard, you want her to think “Clean and soft” not “Gross! Flakes!”

2 - Gives Your Beard a Healthy Shine

When somebody special is looking into your eyes, you don’t want your beard to become a major turnoff. Dull facial hair is no good for making an impression.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix. Use natural beard oil daily to give your facial hair a natural, healthy shine.

It works a lot like hair conditioner for men. Soaps and harsh shampoos strip away your natural oils. That makes your hair brittle, dull, and no fun to look at. It ruins your beard’s texture and its appearance.

Using beard oil changes everything. Transform your grandpa’s thick, crunchy mess of a beard. Instead, sport a youthful, healthy shine. You will make a great impression - on your long time partner or someone new.

3 - Leaves an Enticing Masculine Scent

Time for real talk. How do you smell - up close? When you go in for a kiss, what's the ambiance?

Don't know? That’s bad news.

Be confident in your appearance (and your scent) with natural beard oil. You don’t need a product packed with fragrances. That would just leave you doused in a chemical cloud.

You do not want to smell like Axe body spray - that’s a deal-breaker.

Instead, choose organic beard oil with a fresh, crisp scent. Skip the fragrances. Get the scent from natural oils - eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. As you’re getting close, the refreshing scent will seal the deal.

Look Your Best in a Beard

There’s no doubt about it - beard oil is for lovers. It will soften up your beard, leaving you touchable and smooth. You’ll look your best with a healthy, shiny beard that’s clean and elegant, not messy and dull. Finish with a subtle, invigorating scent and you can’t lose.

Rocking a beard isn’t just about staying on trend. It’s about looking your best and sending a masculine message. Complete the package by using beard oil every day. Your special someone is sure to thank you.

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