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3 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Men’s Skin Care Routine

Skincare upgrade

Guys of all ages – quick question:

What’s your current men’s skin care routine? 

If your answer is, “Umm, I shower every day,” it’s time for an upgrade.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Upgrading your lackluster men’s skin care routine won’t break the bank or rob you of your precious time. Just a few tweaks to your morning and evening routine will go a long way to improving your skin and your overall health.


1 – Face Scrub

Already using a face wash for men?

Good job. That will get rid of a lot of the dirt, grime, and oily buildup that collects on your face over the course of the day. You should be using it in the morning and in the evening.

Unfortunately, it's not enough to look your best.

Upgrade to a natural face scrub.

The best face scrub for men will get rid of dull, dead skin cells that accumulate on your face. It also eliminates built up sebum - the oil that your skin naturally creates but that tends to get clogged up in your pores. Less dirt and sebum means less acne and blemishes.

Another bonus from this upgrade: it makes shaving so much better.

After you use a men’s face scrub to exfoliate your skin, use natural shave cream. Get ready for one of the smoothest shaves ever with minimal irritation. 

Don’t forget: use your face scrub no more than 3 times a week for the best results. 


2 – Moisturize

Your skin is clean and scrubbed of gunk – so it’s time to upgrade things with the best face moisturizer for men.

Why moisturize in the first place? The elements take their toll on your skin throughout the day. Sun, sweat, and stress dehydrate your skin and leave it looking tired and worn out. Over the course of time, dehydration turns into wrinkles, saggy patches, and an all around weathered appearance.

Not great.

Look your best now and in the future by using a facial moisturizer for men. How?

First, use a men’s face wash. Then, make sure you’ve patted (not rubbed) your face dry. It’s very important that you apply moisturizer to a clean, dry face.

Don’t overdo it. Just a dime size amount is plenty. Gently rub the moisturizer all around your face.

Remember, a little goes a long way. If you use too much face moisturizer for men you will just wind up with a shiny face. And if you already have oily skin, excessive moisturizer will work against you.

Moisturize your face after washing every morning and evening. You’ll see and feel a noticeable difference. And if you can see and feel it, you can be sure that everyone around you will too.


3 – Protect

Keeping your face clean and moisturized is important. You will thank yourself years from now. But all that washing and hydrating means nothing if you don’t apply the third upgrade – skin protection.

Protecting your skin starts with using sunscreen. Make sure you use minimum SPF 15 whenever you will be outside and exposed to the sun for 30 minutes or more. Don’t be fooled by cloudy days – UV rays penetrate the clouds and can still damage your skin. 

Now your face is safe – but what about your lips?

Harsh truth time: nobody wants to kiss your nasty chapped, cracked lips.

Protect your sensitive lips and be ready for anything that comes your way with natural chapstick. Remember, the best lip balm includes SPF 15 or greater to protect you from the sun while also leaving your lips smooth and hydrated.


Simple Upgrades, Big Benefits

Take your men’s skin care to the next level with these 3 simple upgrades. The effort required is minimal - and the benefits are well worth it.

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