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How to Choose the Best Men's Hairstyle for Your Face and Head Shape

Man styling his hair

 You want healthy, youthful skin. So you follow a men’s grooming routine and take skincare for men seriously.

But what’s going on with your hair?

If you’re not paying attention to your haircut or hairstyle, you’re making a huge mistake. A great hairstyle flatters your face and takes your look to the next level. This may seem small, but it can actually give you an advantage - both in the business world and in your personal life. 

The wrong look, on the other hand, can be a total disaster. Here’s everything you need to know and how to get your hairstyle right. 

Keep Your Hair Goals and Personality in Mind 

First thing’s first: before you change your hairstyle, you need to think about your hair goals and your lifestyle: 

Looking to leverage your looks in the business world?

Stick to a more conservative hairstyle that is just edgy enough to draw attention. Don’t push boundaries too much - taking your look too far can make you an outsider instead of just setting you apart from the masses.

Personal life need some attention?

Find a hairstyle that draws attention to your best features and matches your personality. Here, it’s important that you wear the hairstyle - and that it doesn’t wear you. So if you don’t think you’ll be comfortable and confident in a particular style, don’t give it a try. 

Just want to mix things up?

That’s fine too. Men’s grooming is about more than just getting ahead or finding a significant other. Enjoy style for the sake of itself. Take a daring new step into a cutting edge haircut. Worse case scenario, it always grows back.

Also, consider how much time you’re willing to invest in styling and general upkeep. Some hairstyles require lots of maintenance, including regular visits to the barbershop or the use of styling products. You have to keep this in mind before you choose a new look. 

Understand Your Hair Texture and Face Shape 

Once you understand your broader goals and the general look you’re going for, it’s important to consider your physical limitations a.k.a your hair texture and face shape. Choosing a style that doesn’t complement your natural texture and shape will never work. 

Consider Your Texture 

Generally speaking, your hair will fall into one of these categories:

  • Thick: Works with most hairstyles, both long and short. Great for textured looks.
  • Wavy: Longer styles complement the natural movement of this hair type.
  • Curly: Keep it short for a more conservative look or be edgy and show off your curls.
  • Straight: Beware of sharp, spiky looks. Otherwise you have plenty of options.
  • Fine: Shorter cuts and styles that build volume will complement this hair type the best.

Do You Have a Receding Hairline? 

You also have to consider if you have a full head of hair or a receding hairline. If your hairline is receding, you can still create a flattering look. But it’s something you have to take into consideration when thinking about your style. A messy look with more volume, for example, will be more flattering than a short or overly styled look. 

Also, if your hairline is receding, it’s important to take good care of the hair you do have. Our Daily Revitalizing Hair Care Routine - which includes our natural shampoo and conditioner - helps strengthen your hair and moisturize your scalp. That promotes hair growth, restores natural shine, and increases volume.

Know Your Face Shape

The right hairstyle will highlight your strongest facial features and soften any features you don’t want to draw attention to. Here are a few guidelines: 

  • Oval: If you have an oval face, just about any men’s hairstyle will work. That said, you can’t go wrong with a classic short cut with hair slightly longer on the top - and we recommend that you stay away from any look that exacerbates the roundness of your features. 
  • Round: If you have a round face, you want to create the illusion of height and angles to strengthen your features. Styles that are short on the sides and longer on top will accomplish this, giving you height and length. You can also go with a style that’s messy on top with shorter sides. Flattops look great on round faces too - and you can always use some pomade on the top to add volume and character.
  • Square: A square face shape is characterized by masculine features and a strong, defined jaw. If you have a square face, you can emphasize those chiseled features with a classic undercut, a slicked back cut, a medium-length fade, or a buzz cut. More generally, aim for haircuts that have short, tight sides with a little volume on the top. Use a pomade on top to add some texture and style.
  • Diamond: Balance your look with greater hair volume on top. That helps create the illusion of an oval shape. A cut that’s squared off on top, like a pompadour or quiff, is complementary. So is a classic schoolboy cut: brushed forward, fuller on the sides, long bangs.
  • Upside Down Triangle: A medium length men’s hair style or long men’s hair style works best for a triangular face. Parting your hair in the middle of your forehead will also help make it look less wide and more balanced.
  • Long: Guys with longer, more narrow faces will find that medium and short hairstyles usually work best. Here, we recommend that you keep the length the same on the sides and the top, and style both the top and sides with a firm hold pomade to keep hair in place.

Get Your Cowlick Under Control

Once you have your style in mind, you have to figure out how to avoid bad hair days. Every guy deals with bad hair days from time to time, and they’ll ruin pretty much any style. 

The key is to try to make these days few and far between. A good place to start? Get rid of that cowlick.

A pronounced cowlick is a section of your hair that stubbornly grows against the grain. That little cluster of misdirected hairs tends to stick out like a sore thumb, especially if you have thick, straight hair. 

It can sometimes feel like all the combing, brushing, and styling in the world just won’t make a big difference. That’s not true. The way you cut and style your hair can affect how pronounced your cowlick is. Some haircuts for men with a lot of cowlicks are naturally more flattering than others.

For example, your cowlick may not be noticeable at all if you keep your hair clipped short - so if cowlicks are making your hair a total mess, a shorter style may be something to consider. If you want to keep a longer style, a medium or strong hold product, like our Flexible Hold Wax Pomade will hold your style in place despite its tendency to twirl away with your cowlick. 

Keep in mind here that flexible hold products are ideal because you can readjust them as necessary if your hairs start to stray. If we want that flexibility along with a matte finish, try our Styling Clay Pomade.

Talk to Your Barber

Your barber is an excellent resource any time you have a concern about your hairstyle. The next time you go in for a trim, ask them if there’s a way they can adjust your haircut to take your style up a notch or address a specific concern you have. For example, ask them what hairstyles for men with cowlicks are best.

This is what they do for a living. They’re experts. Trust their advice.

Invest in a Great Hair Care Routine

Finally, be sure to invest in top quality hair care products that won’t strip your hair of all its natural oils. Harsh, damaging products remove these oils and hurt your hair shafts, leaving your mane a dry, damaged mess. Our gentle shampoos - our Daily Strengthening Shampoo and Relieving Dandruff Shampoo - use natural ingredients to cleanse your hair without dehydrating or thinning it out. This will keep your hair from looking weak and drab over time. 

Don’t skip the conditioner - it’s critical if you want to manage your hairstyle. Conditioner replaces moisture lost by a shampoo (and even the best shampoos take some moisture away as they wash away dirt and grime), and keeps your hair strands healthy and prevents the dryness that can get them out of control. Our Revitalizing Hair Conditioner is made with organic aloe, borage oil, and avocado oil to ensure maximum hydration and to promote healthy hair growth.

Don’t skip either step if you want a great style that lasts.

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