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The 3 Men’s Skin Care Products You Should Be Using in the Morning

Man applying eye cream

When the alarm clock rings, we’re sure you have a routine. Get up, take a shower, eat breakfast, check your email, and then head off to work. There's a big step you're missing though: skin care. Use the following three men's skin care products in your morning men's skin care routine to look your best before heading out the door. 

Use this first:

Natural Face Wash for Men: Use a natural men’s face wash in the shower or with warm water to cleanse your skin of oil and impurities each morning. A cleansed face looks refreshed and brightened as sleeping can often cause the face to look dull and puffy first thing in the morning. Make sure to gently rub the face wash all over your face and neck.

Use this second:

Natural Face Moisturizer for Men: Rub a small amount of natural men’s face moisturizer all over your face. A men's face lotion will protect your skin against environmental toxins, firm the face by hydrating skin cells, and even the tone of your skin. You don’t need a lot, just a dab spread evenly all over the face.

Use this third:

Eye Cream for Men: Using a men’s eye cream is one of the products you probably don’t use, but absolutely should be. While you sleep, your head fills up with blood and fluid. This build up causes bags under your eyes and dark circles around them. A men’s under eye cream should contain caffeine, that will get the blood circulating again, dissipating the bags and dark circles. A men’s eye cream will also help reduce crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles around the eyes.

You only need to use a very tiny amount as well. Dab just a small amount on each pinky and spread from the inner part of your under eye, all the way around the eye socket.

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