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Men's Grooming Tip: Weekly Trimming

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Being a guy, it’s rightfully so that you’re hairy. There's nothing wrong with this except if you let your hair go untamed for too long in certain places. Learn which areas of the body you should be doing a weekly trim on. After all, you never know who may be checking you out.



Trim weekly.

Keeping your neckline is key to staying well groomed. Nothing says unkempt more than an all over the place neckline. Fortunately, keeping your neckline clean is easy.

Stand in a mirror holding up a hand mirror behind your head so you can see your neckline. Take a face trimmer and trim along your natural neckline to remove any patchy parts. Once done with the trimmer, apply some see-through men’s shaving cream over your neckline. Shave around your natural neckline to tidy up any areas the trimmer couldn’t detail.

We recommend taking a shower before shaving the neckline to soften the skin and reduce the chances of irritation. Also, make sure to use a men’s aftershave on the neckline post shave to prevent any bumps.


Side burns:

Trim weekly.

Well groomed sideburns make a man look more distinguished, there’s no doubt about it. Keeping sideburns trimmed is also very easy.

To trim your sideburns, start by combing them forward towards your face. Once combed forward, take a pair of scissors and snip in a downward motion, cutting a few millimeters off each hair strand. Then comb your side burns back down how they usually are. They should look a little less puffy and trimmed up.

A final step is to take a trimmer or razor and even them out on both sides of the head. We recommend placing a finger at the bottom of each side burn so you can see if you’ll be cutting them even. Though quite obvious, make sure you cut them straight across and not at a weird angle. A small home improvement level can help you accomplish this.




Trimming your eyebrows depends on how fast your hair grows. Most guys can get away with a monthly trim, but some men need to trim their eyebrows every few weeks.

To trim your eyebrows, use a small pocket comb to push the hair of the eyebrows upwards and snip just a few millimeters across. Once snipped, comb the eyebrows to check your progress. You can also accomplish this with a face trimmer. Just be careful to make sure the trimmer is at a very high level.

Learn more in our How to Trim & Maintain Men’s Eyebrows Guide.


Facial Hair or Beard:

Daily or weekly.

Fully grown facial hair like a goatee or beard should be trimmed every week. Please note, if you're still in the beard growth stage, don't trim anything. Trimming facial hair is usually as easy as finding an acceptable level on a face trimmer, and running it over your facial hair. Be sure to use scissors to detail up any areas that the trimmer can't reach.

To learn more about maintaining a beard, read our Beard Care Maintenance Guide.

If you’re a corporate warrior or like a clean shaven face, we suggest shaving at night as it’s better than shaving in the morning. In the morning, your face is still puffy from accumulating fluid as you sleep – this prevents hair from fully protruding from the face.

To learn more men’s shaving tips, read our Men’s Shaving Tips Guide.

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