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Why an All Natural Shaving Cream for Men Is Superior

Why an All Natural Shaving Cream for Men is Superior

Are you still spending top dollar for “old fashioned lathering” shave cream? While a thick lather might seem “luxurious”, it’s actually giving you a bad shave. Find out why a non-lathering natural shaving cream for men is the best type of shaving cream you can use.


Lathering Ingredients Irritate the Skin

First, the ingredients used to create lather are highly irritating to the skin. If your skin is irritated after every shave with a foaming or lathering shave cream, this is most likely why. Second, a foaming or lathering shave cream creates microscopic air pockets that you can’t see. These microscopic air pockets allow the razor to directly scrape against your skin without any lubrication or protection. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that’s not what you want from your shave.

The best all natural shaving cream for men will give you exactly what you need when you shave – protection and lubrication.


How Does Natural Shave Cream Work?

Natural shaving cream works by sinking into the skin like a thick lotion, coating it with protection, while a lathering or foaming shaving cream sits on top of the skin. Each pass you make over the skin with a lathering shave cream means you’re removing the protection you thought it was giving you.


Key Natural Shave Cream Ingredients

Natural ingredients such as coconut oil and jojoba oil help build a protective layer over the skin, allowing the blade to cut close to the skin, but not directly against it to create irritation or redness.

The best men’s natural shaving cream also contains high quality, natural lubricating ingredients such as aloe and olive oil. This allows the blade to glide over the skin without any tugs and keeps the skin hydrated. Each pass you make over the skin with a razor blade dehydrates it, leading to irritation.

So if you wonder why your face and neck are still getting irritated from a luxurious lathering shave cream, you now know why. Move to the best all natural shaving cream for men and get the best shave of your life.

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