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Back Acne: Clearing Up Some Misconceptions


Back Acne: Clearing Up Some Misconceptions

Think acne only happens on your face? Nope. Acne forms when hair follicles and pores become clogged with oil and other debris. So your whole body is susceptible to acne.

(Well, almost. The palms of your hands and feet can’t get acne. They’re the only two parts of your body without sebaceous glands - the ones that produce natural skin oil.)

Still, body acne is a real problem. Especially back acne - or bacne, if you prefer. Many guys suffer from zits, blackheads, and pimples on their shoulders and back. These blemishes are always unsightly and can be quite painful too. You need an approach to skincare for men that helps prevent it.

Before you start popping those bad boys, take this into consideration: not all acne is exactly the same. To keep the skin on your back clean and blemish-free, use these men's grooming tips. You can clear up misconceptions - and your bacne.

Bacne Isn’t the Same as Facial Acne

Sure, a zit is a zit. It’s going to look and feel about the same whether it’s on your face or on your back. But you should treat them differently.

That’s because the skin on your back is much different from that of your face. For example, the pores are larger on your back. They can clog up with dirt and oil easier.

The Sun Does Not Cure Acne on Your Back

This is a major misconception that you need to forget. Have you been hearing since your teenage years that the sun can burn away acne? That the blemishes will just dry up in the hot sunlight?

This nonsense couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, sun exposure causes skin damage that can make is easier for blemishes to form. And sweating may detoxify your body. But it also exposes your skin to lots of oil, dirt, and bacteria - all of which can proceed to clog your pores and cause acne.

Not All Soaps Are the Same

Your garden-variety drug store soap is not ideal for treating back acne. That’s because the harsh chemicals throw off your skin’s pH. That can lead to dryness and irritation, both of which will only make your bacne worse.

For the best results, choose a natural soap bar for men or a natural body wash for men. They should contain gentle natural cleansers instead of strong chemical ingredients. A men's body wash with hydrating ingredients - like jojoba and aloe vera - will leave your skin soft throughout the day.

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Shower ASAP

Have you noticed particularly bad breakouts after you workout? The sweaty mess between your gym clothes and your skin is the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria. So the longer you take to shower after a workout, the more likely you are to see bacne.

If you're in a rush (or just want a simpler solution) an all in one wash for men is best. Use it to cleanse your hair, face, and body. It makes cleaning up that much faster - and easier.

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Make showering immediately after you exercise a priority. In some cases it’s best to shower at the gym instead of waiting until you get home. It might not be your personal preference, but it can help reduce your back acne breakouts.

Exfoliate Away Excess Oil

If you suffer from oily skin, exfoliating is a smart way to prevent acne. Use a soap scrub bar for men to reduce oil and get rid of dead skin. A natural soap bar that uses gentle exfoliating ingredients is best. You want to get rid of acne-causing debris without stripping away all of your skin’s natural oil and moisture.

Banish Bacne for Good

No one likes acne. No matter where it forms - including your back - it’s a miserable nuisance.

Take steps to clear up your skin and banish bacne. Make sure you shower immediately after each workout. Use a natural soap bar for men, body wash for men, or a soap scrub bar for men - depending on your skin type and needs. With a good men’s grooming routine you can achieve the clear skin you want.


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